Investment Banking or Investment Management

Hi all, I am a new arrival in Taipei and was wondering whether there are any opportunities at all in Taipei in this line of work? Prima facie, it appears that almost all the big multinational banks and asset management firms run things out of Hong Kong and Singapore…

Hi, do you speak Mandarin and hold any licenses? If so you could try applying for brokerage in DB…etc.
But I would say it is pretty hard cuz they dont hire as many people in Taiwan and you gotta be pretty fluent in Mandarin first.

Yes I am a native Mandarin speaker but don’t hold any licenses…

Seems to me all the positions here are mostly in broking or private banking.

Thanks for that though.

Taiwan private banking is run out of Hong Kong. All investment banking jobs are not in tw. You can become research or sales trading. Being a small market there are only 300 qfii broker jobs available.