Investment Location?

I’m having difficulties deciding where to invest. I hope someone can offer some much needed advice.
I’m Australian and will be returning home shortly for a holiday. Have approx 200000-250000 NT to invest.
Should I:

  1. wire the money back to Aus and invest there in a managed fund or term deposit?
  2. Keep it here and open a Citibank account and invest in their mutual funds, foreign currency funds etc?

I may return to Australia permantly in the next year or two, but nothing is certain.

I don’t invest here. Firstly it’s cheaper back home (for me) and secondly it’s safer, I wouldn’t want to deal with the banks here in case of a dispute. I also do not know how long I am staying, so investing long term here isn’t really an option for me.

One deciding factor may also be the currency you wish to invest in - you can get around 6% in Australia for savings in AUD. See here.