Investment options in Taiwan?

Are there any investment options in taiwan that can give 4% (or more) fixed interest rates ?? (not stocks/crypto)


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Retire as a civil servant or military personnel from back in the day and you get a bank account that you can deposit your pension fund into that carries a 18% interest (and sadly that’s been nerfed massively now).

Otherwise, you won’t get anything like this. Even CD’s don’t give more than 1% interest, and you are basically losing money from inflation.

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Which decade are you living in? Unless you live in a country with shall we say, somewhat questionable banks/economy, the interest rates have been low for almost 20 years now, and very low for the last 10 - it is not 1983. This is pretty much the same worldwide in most developed countries - why would it be any different in Taiwan?


Taiwanese people are moving their money to the U.S. and buying up residential property right and left. Between appreciation and rental income they’re netting around 5% per annum.

Well, there is always real estate…

The pain in the ass factor is very high with this option, and it’s not exactly easy if you are in Taiwan - unless through REITs?

There are Taiwanese-American realtors here who specialize in facilitating all-cash real estate purchases for Taiwanese clients. They provide rental management as well. Green card holders here are snapping up real estate and renting it out. I socialize with them thru my Taiwanese wife and they tell me the whole process of becoming a landlord and making bank is easy here compared to anything they could do with their money in Taiwan. Relatives are sending money to them to invest in real estate. It’s a feeding frenzy.

same is true for Tokyo, I know 2 families that bought real estate in Japan as investment.
the problem I see is that most of these people probably know nothing about the real estate market in the USA and fall for fake promises of unrealistic ROI.