Investments for US citizens living in TW

Hello. I believe most of you have some sort of investments in the US stock market or retirement plans. I wonder how you guys allocate your investments while living in Taiwan? Do you have a financial planner or you do it on your own? Let’s have a discussion about your investments and how the market has affected your portfolio.

My money is mostly in a target retirement fund from Vanguard. Assuming the US economy doesn’t tank to actual zeros, it adjusts to reflect the risk I “should” be taking as I get closer to retirement.

My pain in the ass is the cost of money transfer to the US (at nearly US$30/ transaction), so I just have emergency funds in Taiwan (NTD) and the US (USD), adding a set amount to my Vanguard fund each week out of the USD and replenishing it every 6 months or so with my Taiwan paychecks.

We don’t need to talk about our portfolios right now. As is the case with most people across the globe, my otherwise very nicely balanced portfolio is not heavily invested in remote conferencing and therefore continues to be lots of red digits.


I don’t trust anyone with my hard-earned cash. If I lose it, I do so on my own.

I invested most of my money in iconic US companies I can relate to. Like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Miller-Coors and Brown-Forman. Has paid me enough dividends to maintain my rooftop apartment here in Taipei.

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Does that include all the booze and the steaks? :thinking: