In regards to investing here in taiwan , i have certian questions. woul be great if some one can help

1.Are there any mutual funds in taiwan, where foreigners can also invest. some thing like a monthly installement plan.

2.Can you recomened how to buy a American Mutual fund (i am not an american)

3.can you buy vanguard funds from taiwan.

4.are there any investments which help reduce the tax liability.are these open to non taiwanese people.

any one has any idea.

If you are Taiwanese, I would go to the bank and start asking what they offer first.

If you can’t find what you want, try a broker. You should be able to get a vanguard fund.

As for tax liability, dunno. Ask Ken (he posts in this forum a lot)…he’s having the same trouble and he might be further up the path then you are.

sorry I can’t help more. Good luck.

From my understanding (I let my significant other deal with these sort of things), if the mutual funds or stocks are in the name of a Taiwan citizen, you will pay no capital gains or tax on them. For foreigners, there is a 20 percent capital gains tax. So it makes better sense to put them in your spouses name – if you trust them. But yes, foreigners can purchase stocks and mutual funds in Taiwan. There is a processing fee when you first buy the MF or stocks. Regarding your question about minimum amounts, it is 3000NT per month I think.

I am not sure but i think the capital gains tax is the same as normal residents if you have stayed for more than 183 days .

I am not a taiwanese and my chinese is not good enough to make the broker understand what i want.thats why i posted it here may be some one has done this before.

how to buy american mutual funds here in taiwan, through the same brokers who deal in taiwanese stocks???

If you’re American, just open an online trading acct. Then you can buy anything under the sun. :slight_smile:

there are some tw stoscks that you can buy, and I think a Taiwan fund, TWN…so if you do it that way, you wont pay ANY taxes to taiwan…

Banks sell funds.
HSBC and CITIBANK also do it.
FOreign funds are tax free. Domestic funds are taxed.
Service charges apply.
Walk in to any foreing bank and you’ll be in business.
If you invest every month HSBC waives the min balance charge.
MIP run at 5000 NT per month min and as much as you want.
You can buy and sell online.