Invitation letter for resident visa

Hi guys im here to ask again:

I am a filipina ang i have a daughter in Philippines i am now living in taiwan ang i want her to be with me, does anyone in here who knows how to make an formal invitation letter for the resident visa?? Or where i can request for it? I really need help, thank you

What will your daughter do if she comes to Taiwan?

Perhaps you bring her over to Taiwan to study Chinese full time. Let her decide if she likes it here.

She will live together me because no one will take care of her in Philippines, before we live in here i also process her paper but last minute of the process the embassy told us that she can’t be with us because my husband wich is taiwanese need to adopt my daughter, so the plan change wich is the option is the petition, adoption is a long process that’s why i decide to petition her the only problem is i don’t know where i can request an invitation letter or how to do that,

how old is your daughter? Did you already ask whether you can sponsor her residency?

Several places that might help you or give you some information.

Legal aid foundation
Kaohsiung Branch
You could make a reservation to get 15 min of legal counseling for free.

National Immigration Center
Morakat Special Hotline (02)2375-7372 , Documents replacement, and resource and information referral, 24 Hours, International Affairs Division

They might tell you what you should do.

Kaohsiung City New Immigrant Families Service Center

TansAsia Sisters Association, Taiwan (TASAT)

Their web page is down at this moment, but you may try to call to them.

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My daughter is 8 years old,

Thank ypu very much for helping me with this info,

If you have an ARC you can get an ARC for your daughter as your dependent. Should be quick and easy


Should i go also to the immigration for that??

Residents Visas for Minors Under Age 20 Joining Parents or Grand Parents

You may get this visa for your daughter, and you are the sponsor. not your husband.

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Yes. Go to immigration and they will tell you what to do. (Most likely they will tell you that you need both your passports , your arc, and an authenticated birth cert). If she arrives on a visitor visa it can be converted to an ARC after arrival.

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Ok i will do that, thank you for the info​:blush::blush::blush:

But be aware that this only works until she turns 18! After that her residency as dependent will stop and she will need to find another way to get residency (work, study).

The other route where she gets adopted by your husband. She can stay forever, AFAIK.


Or do naturalization with the OP.

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Option 3, there are routes to an APRC too for dependents

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Ok i keep that in mind

Thank you so much