Ionizers not the same as ozone generators

Maposquid and I have been having this discussion for a while. I got round to doing some more reading on this.

There are some air cleaning devices which are designed to produce ozone. It’s obvious that these are not suitable for enclosed areas or places where people are going to spend a lot of time.

There are other devices which produce negative ions: not the same thing as ozone. A few of these devices have been shown to produce comparatively large amounts of ozone but most do not. Negative ions remove particles from the air; ozone does not.

The difference is illustrated in this passage on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website: … %20harmful

It is not ozone generators that hospitals use: it is negative ion generators. I remember reading about the hospital studies and this page mentions two UK hospitals:

Obviously that is an organisation that sells ionizers but if you look down the list of references you’ll see they are very respectable sources.

Another useful page: … umber=1393


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What is the relationship, if any, between negative ions and ozone?

There is always some ozonization when negative ions are produced. Depending on the design of an ionizer, the level may be appreciable or negligible. The ionizers that have undergone controlled clinical trials for seasonal and nonseasonal depression produce negligible ozone levels (well below safety cutoffs) that dissipate in the immediate area of the ionizer electrodes. All that said, however, one sometimes reads claims for a specific therapeutic-psychoactive benefit of high levels of ozone. Such claims are unsubstantiated in the scientific literature, and such treatment should be avoided.[/quote]

Another useful page, which also shows the difference between ionizers and ozone generators, from the LungUSA site: … 6&ct=67142

I think that Maposquid was confusing the few high-ozone producing ionizers with the majority which produce negligable amounts of ozone, and confusing the few people who say that ozone is therapeutic with the large number of scientific studies that show that ionization has health benefits.