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I’ve been looking around online for ideas for a keyboard for my iPad air, but looking around the Guang Hua Electronic Plaza and Data Express here in Taiwan, the selection seems pretty thin on the ground. I had my eyes kind on the Logitech Ultrathin and the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard, but I’m beginning to get the distinct impression I’m again going to have to order something from back in the UK or US and take my chances without buying first. Or does anyone know of any shops here that might actually have stuff like that?

(I’ve seen that I-Rocks keyboard case in Data Express, but I’m far from sure about it, though that may just be prejudice born of the fact I can find out nothing about it online).

are you looking for one of those key boards that come with the protective case or a separate key board that you can take with you on business trips? I know they sell logitech ones here in Ximen Ding District 獅子林

I’ve seen the Logitech, but had bad experiences with them. Amazon has Logitech keyboards with a remarkable number of very negative reviews all talking about the same exact problem. I foolishly bought one and had it break in the exact specific way those reviews said it would. I got a refund, but still…

In the end, I bought something called the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard, which isn’t a case - a separate keyboard. But when it folds out, it can also hold your iPad. I bought it after what I can only describe as very, very extensive online research. It gets nothing but excellent and independent reviews - despite being made by Microsoft. So far, it’s been an absolute delight. I’d recommend it to anyone asking the same question.

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nicely done. I’ll take a look. if it is as good as you said I’d buy one myself too.

Here’s a couple typical reviews:

google.com.tw/url?sa=t&rct= … y5cE53H5Dw


theverge.com/2015/5/21/86320 … ech-belkin

Could only find one aftermarket keyboard cover in Syntrend area. A bulky Logitech cover for NT$2990.

Looking for something similar to the keyboard for the larger iPad but for 2018 9.7 inch screen and Apple doesn’t make one.


I’ve been using the Microsoft Bluetooth foldable keyboard with my IPad Air for over 2 years now and just love it. I’ve charged it twice. Since my laptop died, I started using the IPad Air with this keyboard and haven’t looked back. It’s light, easy to use, and takes up so little space. I teach at a university and use it for all my classes.

I bought it in Guanghua at some little keyboard shop in the older of the two big buildings.

image https://i0.wp.com/9to5mac.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2015/03/keyboard.png?resize=1600%2C1000&quality=82&strip=all&ssl=1

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Thanks I’ll look for it. I guess a few people like the Microsoft keyboard with iPad.

You can simultaneously pair it with virtually any two mobile devices—an iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Windows tablets, and Windows Phone—and then instantly switch between them with a single touch

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I’ve only used the foldable one. But, it’s great. Not perfect because it is slightly smaller than a real keyboard, however, it’s light, foldable, and also waterproof.

Be happy to have it. Walked the entire electronics area today. None available. And almost no other options.

So tired of shopping here for electronics. Time to go online.

Did you go to the indoor area? There are two big buildings. One new one with lots of big stores and then next to that there is an older one with lots of small shops.

I have a few of those Microsoft Foldable Keyboards lying around in my Office (Brand new in Box)…Company bought a bunch of them sometime back (can’t remember when, maybe 2015~2016) for all the Employees and there are some extras left…If you want, I can ask my Boss if she’s willing to sell (not sure what the Original Price was though)Universal%20Foldable%20Keyboard%20(1) Universal%20Foldable%20Keyboard%20(2) Universal%20Foldable%20Keyboard%20(3)

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All of it. Also FNAC.

I hate shopping for electronics in Taiwan.

Researched the top semi-portable or foldable Bluetooth keyboards and went looking for them. Shops have keyboards but not so many that people really want. Or they try to sell some Taiwan made product that isn’t on the top best list.

In about 20 shops today including some with a lot of stuff but not the one I want. Finally found a small shop in Guanghua Electronics Market with only 3 in red. Ugly but I bought it.

Tango, you can get that Logitech keyboard at Costco in black.

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Thanks. I’ve been looking.

I’m looking for a new keyboard for my 2016 9.7" iPad Pro. I’ve been using Apple’s smart keyboard for the past three years - loved it for two years, have had intermittent connection problems for one year, and now it won’t connect at all. That smart keyboard is also the stand I use.

Any recommendations for where to look or what to get? I did really like the Apple keyboard, but just two years of reliability at such a high price tag is annoying.

I’m visiting Canada in a couple of weeks, and from what @tango42 wrote above, I’m getting the impression I shouldn’t bother shopping here in Taiwan - rather weird, given the high possibility that anything I buy in Canada will have been made here!

I’m not sure if future-proofing works for technology these days, but I’m wondering if there are Logitech keyboards-stand-cases that are a) longer-lived, and b) also likely to work with the different-sized iPad I’ll probably get in another year or two (11-inch? Is that the “standard” size now?)


I have the keyboard posted in the original post and have had it for…perhaps a year in a half or two years and like it. Granted, I didn’t use it that much initially but finally got a case for it and generally pack it with me when I go out - I like that it pairs with my iPhone as well.

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I like my Logitech K380 above that is really hard to find even outside of Taiwan. It just has natural familiar finger placement and indentations with no odd key spacing learning curve. Quickly jumping between iPad and phone and laptop is nice. I can be up and running on any of those within about 1 second of sitting down. It’s lightweight and just throw it in whatever bag I’m carrying.

I also like a detached keyboard so I can easily use iPad portrait mode.

Also purchased a recommended portable Targa keyboard but not happy with it. I have two other foldable keyboards and the finger placement is not familiar and just not convenient to use.

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