iPhone 12

So, it seems like information about the iPhone 12 has been leaked.

No more notch!

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gee, no notch.
2 years behind some Chinese brands.

iPhone 11 literally came out a week ago. iPhones are becoming like presidential elections; we get inundated with news about the next one as soon as the last one is over/released.

If the Ming Chi Kuo rumors are true - and he is usually the guy who gets these things right - the change in display sizes makes sense. If Apples does indeed switch to a 5.4 inch screen for one model, I’ll switch back to Apple. Had enough of overly large screens, and with bezels being almost non existent, this should be a pretty compact phone.

iPhone 12

I’m still waiting for Apple to merge their iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc into one. Then I’ll buy one faster than light speed without hesitation!

Now they are making billions from people around the world buying all different ones.

Not quite sure what you’re talking about.

The iPod is defunct/obsolete, because the iPhone already does all of its functions and much more. The iPad is more or less the same as an iPhone, but intended for people who want a larger tablet experience and not a small screen.

No phone function on iPad except for data!