iPhone 4 prototype

Possible lost prototype of the new iPhone

I think the features are nice, but if this is the final body it is pretty fucking ugly compared to the 3gs. Though I would like holding this in the palm of my hand more.

That’s a really strange story. How would Apple with their notorious secrecy let an engineer walk into a bar and leave the phone there like this? Now the site has publicized the engineer’s name, Facebook, Twitter and blog pages. Poor guy - unless this is some crude, publicity stunt on their part.

The new features are a bit odd - front facing camera on the phone? Would that be popular, holding the phone up like that? I suppose it would only work with other iPhone 4 users - should be interesting to see how popular that feature is.

It falls in line with previous leaks of a video call plan for ATT. you pretty much need the front facing camera to do video call/chats. It sounds like an honest mistake to be honest. Employees always get stuff ahead of time. At BMW people would be given new cars(with bags all over them) to test in real life driving, and I know firsthand what HTC is coming out with because their concept devices are in the wild.

I really feel for the dude because apple will probably murder him.

It’s a fake.


[quote=“redwagon”]It’s a fake.[/quote]I think so, too. My question is where do people get the money to make a fake phone like this? It can’t be cheap, and how do you get a return on the investment? It’s all too weird.

They sell the fake 3gs at a market near my house for about 3000NT. They look the same but they feel lighter and they only have a few of the phone’s features that actually work. People actually buy them. Crazy.

Apparently real unless you think they faked the letter from apple claiming the device as well…

gizmodo.com/5520479/a-letter-app … phone-back

news.blogs.cnn.com/2010/04/20/bl … real-deal/

if you read the article it pretty much proved it was real. You don’t make that high fidelity of a hoax.

What would be REALLY funny would be if it were a G5 model and Apple was caught with its pants down. They’d be forced to release a much maligned G4 model, or skip an entire product cycle/incremental upgrade.

I don’t in any way believe that’s the case, but it would make me laugh.

Most of the prototypes hardly make it out to the market at the end, so I wouldn’t get terribly excited about it if I were you.

Chances are Apple will go back to the drawing board and make minor tweaks to the device so it doesn’t look identical to the leaked protosample.

If it is real, I like it! It looks nicer than the 3gs. I like the flat backside and the fact that it is thinner than the 3gs. Pretty sleek-looking toy.

Like it also. It gets “mature” and more business minded - almost as a beauty as my HTC Legend.

Time to start putting :2cents: aside :lick:

That Gizmodo guy seems to be in a bit of a pickle.
latimes.com/business/la-fi-i … 2705.story
The police raided his house and took his computers.

Worst part? Apple is not suing. It is the DA prosecuting. I bet if I had my phone stolen they would give me such personal treatment :unamused: