Iphone 4G when is it coming to Taiwan?

Anyone know? thanks

A shaky piece of information I obtained from Taiwan Cellular was that if it became available on the U.S. market this summer, then they would expect it in Taiwan next year.

I believe the 3GS was announced in the US in June of last year, and then released in Taiwan at the end of September, if that is anything to go by.

Seeing how specifications for “4G” have not been consolidated, don’t hold your breath. Most likely the 4G version of iPhone will be LTE, while Taiwan’s 4G is WiMax.

Now if you’re talking about a fourth generation iPhone with 3G network capability, I’d say this summer, maybe a month after US release.


It’s currently just called the “4G” as it’s the 4th generation iPhone and no-one knows what the official name is. It’s VERY unlikely to feature any kind of 4G connectivity technology such as LTE or WiMAX and I mean REALLY unlikely.

I guess we should know as soon as WWDC kicks off on June 7th, as Apple generally announces availability for several regions at once, although not sure if Taiwan will be in the first lot, as it hasn’t been the case in the past. Most of that comes down to negotiations with the various network providers etc. So don’t hold your breath that it’ll be out here too soon and yeah if previous launches is anything to go by, sometime in the autumn would be a good guess.

And when the date is finally announced, don’t expect them to mean it. The Taiwan release date of the 3GS was pushed back a month or so last year.

Does China still ban the sales of cellphones with built-in wifi capabilities? If they lifted that ban and iPhone’s need no additional modifications to be sold in China I have a feeling that Taiwan might get them after China does.

[quote=“catfish13”]Does China still ban the sales of cellphones with built-in wifi capabilities? If they lifted that ban and iPhone’s need no additional modifications to be sold in China I have a feeling that Taiwan might get them after China does.[/quote]They have removed the ban by releasing a modified version of the iPhone built specifically for China’s wifi use. So I would think it would still take longer to create China’s version of each version from hereon.

Unless you really want to get the subsidy, there are enough people going back and forth from the states that specific region release dates doesn’t really matter no?

Assuming there is a carrier unlock available, obv. AFAIK iPhone OS is shipped worldwide with a single ROM… is this correct?

Better get those preorders in:

[quote]Taipei, Aug. 23 (CNA) Two of Taiwan’s top telecom carriers began to accept information Monday for buyers to place pre-orders for Apple’s new iPhone 4, which will be launched in Taiwan in September.

Although the new generation iPhone will be distributed by three instead of one mobile carrier in Taiwan, each carrier is likely to have only about 5,000 to 10,000 units, which means the product will be in short supply, according to reports.

The new model will be distributed by Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan’s largest telecommunications operator which has exclusive distributing rights to iPhone 3GS, as well as by Far Eastone Telecommunications and Taiwan Mobile.

Both Far Eastone and Taiwan Mobile have begun accepting online pre-order information and are asking people to leave their contact information so that they can obtain iPhone 4 updates.

However, Taiwan Mobile makes it clear on its website that completion of the online registration process does not mean the order has been placed.

Chunghwa Telecom said it will start taking online orders after it gets approval from Apple.

None of the three companies have as yet decided on their package rates for iPhone 4.[/quote]

FINALLY! I suppose some news is better than no news…

I just preordered mine from CHT this morning. You can do so from this site. You give them your name, current cell number, email address and birth date, then choose your closest CHT location. You will get an email when they are available with a preorder number. You then have 3 days to take it to chosen location, or your order gets canceled.

I believe TWM and FET have their own preorder processes.

Just got in. It fail whaled like mad for me and my colleagues, but I finally got in. I’m not sure if this helped, but I reserved the one with the bigger gee bees. They’re still at it going for 16s.

Fingers crossed.

Also reserved with Taiwan Mobile. Anyone have the FET link?

I reserved for the 32 gee bees as well. Yee haw!

does anyone know how much for just the unit (32gb)?
but we’re waiting for the white ones… so pretty.

Wonder if Taiwan companies will offer the bumper that helps with the reception problem.

I guess the Taiwan model (unlocked) will be available at Guanghua soon, if not there already.

The unlocked HK model is there right now at shop near the escalators on the 2nd floor with all the iPads and iPad gear. They wanted 45k (!) two weeks ago. There is also a vendor at Shilin Night Market selling jailbroken, unlocked US-model iPhone4s for 33k. With the official release now pending, I’m sure those prices could be negotiated down if one really wanted one right now.

I just want the one with the wifis.

No indication on pricing or release date. I believe the free bumper promo ends at the end of September?

Those rights don’t seem too exclusive.

Do you think I could exchange my 3Gs 32GB for a 4G at CHT? I guess I’ll have to pay something extra and I wouldn’t mind, but is there such a service?