iPhone battery replacement? (Trustworthy repair center)

My iPhone (7) battery has started petering out, and I suspect i may have to replace it soon.

Are there any good chain repair shops that can do good work with as little of the ridiculous Apple parts and labor markup as possible?

I am in Kaohsiung, I know of studio A and theres one other whose name escapes me, but also don’t know whether they’re any good.

Bump - my iPhone battery just bit the dust (it just bloated up). Any recommendations where to take it?


Thanks. They have a branch here but according to Google it’s not open till Tuesday - this has turned into an emergency and needs resolving today.

Apple have a list of accredited shops on the website but the Taiwanese site is Chinese only


I don’t know Kaoshung but I found a shop near Taipei main station who did a battery replacement for my iphone SE for about 600nt.

It’s not an Apple shop but they do have national certification to do this. Don’t bother going to Apple because they charge more than the phone is worth for battery replacements. I’m sure kaoshung have similar shops.

Thanks. The studio A wanted to take my phone from 1-2 weeks for “tests n shit” - got it done in 20 minutes for half the price.