iPhone Issues

I’ve had the iPhone for about a month now, and although I love the large touch-screen and the selection of available applications, there are two issues where the iPhone has serious problems:
[ul]battery life[/ul]
[ul]dropped calls[/ul]
Reading tips on how to extend the battery life, I’ve turned off the bluetooth, wireless and location services features. I’ve also limited the e-mail checks to once/hour. With limited calling and very little Internet usage, the battery MIGHT last the day. With moderate calling and Internet usage, it doesn’t make it much past lunch time.

The other issue is dropped calls. I was driving up Keelung Rd in Taipei city yesterday, and it dropped my call 3 times. This with signal showing full-strength. I will also be sitting at home, again with the signal showing full-strength, and suddenly I’ll get a text message that I missed a call when the phone never rang in the first place. My service is with Chunghwa and since I’ve never heard anyone with other phones complain about this issue, I’d have to believe it’s the iPhone.

I think this connectivity problem contributes to the battery drain, too. When the phone checks for e-mail, if there is no connectivity it will keep checking until it gets through. That’s gotta kill the battery.

Is anyone else experiencing these things? Any feedback from Chunghwa to share?

I stopped using my chippen one quite quickly - too many problems to list but I particularly hated the way I couldn’t tell who was calling me.


Why couldn’t you tell who was calling?

What firmware are you using?
The latest one fixes both those problems.

It should be the latest, as is automatically updated by iTunes.

Version 2.2.1 (5H11)

The battery life complaint is very widespread. I just have a dock near my PC and sit it in that whenever I am at home. I have only been without a phone once due to lack of power - but this was very frustrating all the same.

You can get some (really ugly) cases that have a built in battery that extends the power of your iPhone but for me one of the main draws of the iPhone is how nice it looks. The battery case totally ruins the look…


Why couldn’t you tell who was calling?[/quote]

Sorry about the typo obviously meant to be “chipped”.
I don’t know “why” but it would just show the number - usually in a weird format

Anyway I gave up and bought a Blackberry Bold, which is ACE

I spoke to Apple today and they gave me the following advice:

For the dropped and missed calls, she suggested that I turn the phone off for 5 minutes each day. I guess the software needs a regular breather. She also suggested resetting the network settings. If I still get the dropped and missed calls, she said it might be a bad SIM card. We’ll see.

For the battery, nothing much helpful. I already turned off the wireless, the Bluetooth and the location services. I had the mail “fetch” setting for only once per hour, but thinking that may be too much, I put it on manual. My thought is, if I have to turn off all the features I bought the phone for in the first place, what’s the point of having it?

dropped calls usually occur when too many functions are open. Manually close functions like web browsers etc… when you aren’t using them.

As far as I understand, iPhone only lets you have one application open at a time…

Further, my instances of dropped and missed calls, even with full signal, were when I had nothing going on the phone.

From the horses mouth.

If it’s any consolation, my Nokia is the same. As soon as I start using the features on the phone, battery dies.

Why on earth would anyone bother with an Iphone 3G? It’s hobbled, expensive, and out of date (that’s even version 2)… it doesn’t support flash, the list of things it can’t do is amazing… Is it just because it’s Apple? Or is just because it is not Microsoft?

I don’t get this fanboy stuff… about Apple products… perhaps I should go buy one to see what it’s like… but I don’t want my first product to be such crap.


my dad did tell me that Asia cell phones are WAY more advanced than the ones from the states, but nonetheless, I have an iPhone too.

I did you purchase from the Apple store in Taiwan (if there is any?) or did you buy it from the states and switch out the SIM card? Has there been any unlocking done? Do you get apps?
(for my own curiosity too)

As far as the battery life, i KNOW for a fact that a lot of the iPhones might have hardware or software problems because it was the first few to come out (aka the engineers were using those as test ones) and the Apple store offers a free PHONE exchange (literally swapped it in front of my eyes) if their special problem catching software catches a lot of problems, but they don’t advertise that… Another problem could be the software updates. Again, this depends where you got the phone and where you’re using it, but iTunes has iPhone software updates and Apple usually texts you to let you know.

The battery life isn’t going to be that great to start off, because technically the phone is “on” all the time. Restarting it sounds like a good idea, plus it depends which apps you’re using. I find that games take up battery life, Pandora (music player) app takes up a LOT of battery life, etc.

Also, there’s something new that my boyfriend found for the iPhone: CYDIA. It’s this new unlocking thing and you can change backgrounds, ring tones, get ALL the apps for free, etc. I haven’t actually used it yet, but I have it unlocked with Cydia. On problem about this, is that the friend that recommended it to my bf, is some computer geek who loves this stuff, and ironically, through some research, about 1% of iPhones break down and freeze when unlocked…haha so his was that 1% and it can’t be unlocked! hahahaha

Also, did you know that overcharging DRAINS the battery life in the long run? So it’s best to charge up to when it’s fully charged and UNPLUG IT.

Ken, I mostly agree with what you’re saying. I’m not an Apple fan. I hate their brand strategy that controls the accessories you can get. Once I buy something, it’s mine and I should be able to do what I want with it.

I shopped different smart phones in Taiwan, and overall the iPhone unfortunately was the best option. My first choice was HTC Touch HD, but in Taiwan they are only licensed to sell Chinese OS. The Blackberry screen is small and available applications were too limited. iPhone has English OS and useful apps.

pheeb_s, I bought it here with a local service plan. I don’t want to jail break it yet. I’ve heard too many horror stories. I get my apps at the iTunes store. No games, just productivity, utilities, business and reference. It also has the latest firmware and looking forward to 3.0.

So far, turning off the phone at night has helped with the dropped and missed calls. I’ve had to reset the network settings twice because it couldn’t find a signal.

As for battery life, I still keep the wireless and location services turned off. I also just check mail manually now. This helps me get through the day on one charge.

Other than those two issues, i love my phone. It’s helped me be infinitely more productive. My new job has me out on the road all day, and I use the phone for e-mails, chat, expense tracking and other stuff for work.

ONE MORE THING! it’s best to drain your battery till it shuts down, THEN charge it full again. it’s called battery conditioning. hope that might help a little!

Doesn’t that depend on the type of battery?

I ran out of battery on my iPhone once, I think. Luckily I had a little external battery to use at the time, but that was the only I ever used it in six months. I keep wifi, GPS and 3G on all the time and use the iPod function for music and video on the train and walking around just about every day.

I came to the iPhone from an HTC TyTNII and the difference in usability for me is night and day, in favor of the iPhone. The interface is what makes it for me, but I suppose by happy coincidence I have never had any need to use any of the things on the lists of so-called “necessary” functions the iPhone doesn’t have.

That’s been my experience as well, Paogao. I had an HTC Diamond before my iPhone, and if all I had to go on was a list of specs and features that I read on the internet there is no way I would have switched. The HTC did video recording, MMS, cut-and-paste, had an extra camera, higher resolution screen, was lighter, more configurable, etc. On paper, it’s better than the iPhone in a number of ways – and it’s also cheaper.

But in the end, it’s about personal preference. For me, the responsiveness and feel of the user interface on the iPhone just makes almost everything I do with the phone more enjoyable. There are other differences that are a little more straightforward (the screen is bigger - even if less sharp, standard headphone jack, iTunes access, etc.), but the bottom line for me is that I just find it faster and more pleasant to use. And, like you, I don’t find the difference in interface to be a small one either; it really is night and day.

well that’s what i was instructed by the … apple teacher lab thing people. it should work for the original battery that came with the iPhone.

Yeah, despite whatever, i prefer the iphone interface, most imporantly i dont feel like i’m squinting al the time!