iPhone SE For Sale 4500

iPhone SE
Space Gray
32 GB
iOS 12.3.1
Model A1662

Purchased new 1 year ago.
Very Good Condition.
Everything works great.

Power cord included.


I live in Taichung, South District, right near Sanmin West Road and Sec.2 Meicun Road
(There is a Family Mart we could meet at on the corner of Sec.2 Meicun Rd and Sec.2 Liuchuan East Rd.)

Mod Edit: Helped OP add another photo.

4,500 is really quite a good deal. I’m happy with my current phone, but if I wasn’t I’d probably consider it. (Well that, and I don’t live near Taichung). I don’t think you’ll have trouble getting a buyer for that price.

Thanks…I was trying to price it to sell …I too think it is a great value.

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Can you post more pictures please.

It’s not allowing me to post more than one pic. I have a craigslist ad and it has an additional picture.

If I were in Taichung, I may consider this for a second phone.

I hope that you will be able to find a good buyer here. I am currently using the iPhone 8 Plus, I was about to purchase the Huawei P30 but I decided not to after the banning incident in US.

Price Reduced to 4000NT