iPhone X available for pre-order Oct 27 for Nov 3 delivery


iPhone X 256gb comes in at a cool NT$41,500 :scream:

This might be the price that pushes me to a Samsung when the next upgrade cycle comes around…



Too rich for me but aren’t Samsung’s newest flagship phones in the same ballpark?


The Note 8 NTD30k, but I reckon a S8+ is also a direct competitor at NTD25k. Both involve a little bit more to buy a SD card to bring up storage capacity.


iPhone “you’re blowing up” meaning = you’re getting many calls and texts… better answer!

Samsung “you’re blowing up” meaning = IMG_0074



I’ll gladly take your used iPhones for 50NT


Samsung and Android better anyway.




I’ve been chuckling to myself all week.

No home button
Larger screen with no edge.
Camera that does emoji thingies.
Phone that you look at it unlocks (I use iris unlock which works very well , better than face unlock on my phone anyway).

One can imagine the tech journos FEAR of being ostracised by Apple by revealing the Emperors new clothes.

Sure half the phones on the market already to all this stuff!
At least my S8+ does and so do many cheaper phones.

I quit the appleverse when they tried to lock my photos down , I was having none of that, I want to be able transfer my data easily and freely.


Yet, people will still buy it.

It’s a status item (at least in Asia it is).

I used to care a lot about phone specs and capabilities, but now my phone usage doesn’t go beyond the usual 2-3 messaging and 2-3 social media apps and connecting to the devices using Bluetooth or the WiFi network.

So Gogoro’s marketing ploy worked. You can freakin’ buy a Gogoro 2 for cheaper than an iPhone.


I won’t buy this iPhone, it’s just way too much. Good for people who have money to throw around.

But I will say this: Apple makes great products. My macbook is four years old and still runs like new. Used an iPhone 5 for four years and it was great right up to the end. Have a 7 now and will use it for at least four years, too (maybe more since the pace of improvement is slowing).

I’m sure Android phones are great too… have never owned one. I can say for sure I’m damn sick of Windows laptops (which I must use for work) that get so bloated and slow after just a year or two, despite being very expensive in their own right (the Lenovo ultrabook I use costs around $1500).

Apple products can be really economical if you use them for a long time. They last forever, get all the new software updates, and never start feeling slow. Also have great resale value. I sold my iPhone 5 for $200 when it was four years old. I was amazed by that.


I’m with ranlee… I just want a phone that works, is fast enough, and can last many years.

If I was buying one today I would probably go for iPhone SE. They dropped the price to $350, that is really quite reasonable for a fast phone that will last a long time, and I love the small size.


Yup, posting this on 2012 macbook pro! My longest lasting laptop by far.


I have had Asus and Acer and Benq pretty much fall apart on me.
The Lenovo and Thinkpad kept running for years. Solid.

I’ve also got great resale value for my last iPhone 7 almost (10k ntd) , it was an awesome phone nd it was still working perfectly, but need to sell directly to people not to the stores.

Android is a little bit messier but also more flexible. Samsung S8 phones have awesome screens and expandable memory and also really great camera. I hate that iPhone lock the memory and charge you a fortune for it.


My Acer did great, until it developed a drinking problem. The only complaint was those center-balanced keys.





what do you mean by “lock my photos down”


They started to save my photos to the iCloud as default after an update a year or two ago and I didn’t notice. They have a few tricks to keep people in the Apple ecosystem, one is making it increasingly hard to transfer your personal photos out of the iCloud enmasse. They just let you do it one by one. They sneakily made it harder about a year or so ago. Supoosedly there used to be folder download options but they removed them.

I had to go into my PC and figure another way to get my photos out in folders but I still lost quite a bit of info when transferring out.

Now I have them on a hard drive but I also save them on a paid Google drive account and I don’t believe there are any restrictions associated with Google Drive anyway.


I was waiting to see what Apple had to offer. I’ve got an old Sony Xperia Z3 and it has been great. I’ve recently purchased an ipad and apple tv, and am really impressed with the ease of use. Looking at the design, taking a larger display but keeping the size of the phone small is not an easy feat. But, damn, the price… I can’t decide. Stay with Sony, try the Samsung again or pay into the temple of Apple.