Iphone4 Scam (Lots of fun to be had!)

I received an email from a friend yesterday. In the email, she states that she bought an iphone 4 online for a good price and she adds the link to the website. At first I thought it was a legitimate email from her but further investigation revealed that her hotmail account is being hacked. But I didn’t know that just yet so I clicked on the link. The link takes you to a website that sells electronic goods and it actually looks OK.

Now on to the fun part, when you go to this website, after a few seconds a chat window pops up and it’s a salesperson offering assistance. In reality, this person is a scammer.

I asked for a quote on the iphone 4 32gb. 14,000NT! So I tell this person that this is impossible and they must be scamming. The response I get is that they buy directly from Apple so the price is low because there is no middle man. The scammer tried to assure me that all products are shipped in sealed and original packaging, it comes with the manufacturer’s warranty and all that. So I asked for a phone number. The number I am given is from China. I tell the scammer that I am calling right away to which he replies “OK.” The number doesn’t work. Since I dial China almost every day, I know I’m dialing right. The scammer tells me I must be dialing wrong and offers to call me instead. I agree and I give a false phone number. I ask to be called immediately to which I get no response. I ask again and finally I’m told to expect a call in the hour. I asked why there is someone available to take my call immediately but no one is available to call me. I get no answer. So I simply call out the scam and tell him that he’s a lowlife scum trying to screw people over the internet. He then asks me if I’m a serious buyer and tells me I’m rude. I told him I could be a serious buyer if they at least had a phone number to which he replied “You don’t trust our company so we cannot do business.”

Here’s the link. csbestshope.com/

366 euros for the iphone 4 and 260 euros for the ipad. That’s impossible, right?

I suggest we all put in a huge order with fake credit card numbers. :laughing: We all heard about Nigerian scammers and the different ways to play along. Well, this is even better! You get to have a live chat with the scumbag! :laughing:

I would say the very LAST thing anyone should do is click on a link that has already been identified as a SCAM.

The only safe thing is to STAY AWAY!!!

Remember, this message could, itself, be a SCAM.

Well, I don’t think this message is, he looks like an established member here, but you are right, just going to a scam website could result in spyware/adware/malware being put on your PC.

I suppose that is also a concern. I’ve been on the site a couple times. It’s possible it infected my pc but I haven’t noticed anything suspicious so far. I think they are more into credit card scams than spreading viruses.

There is still an ounce of doubt that they really ARE selling iphone 4 and ipads ridiculously cheap. If I was certain that it is legitimate, I would have already bought an iphone4 at 14000NT. It just sounds too cheap to be true.


Remember, this message could, itself, be a SCAM.[/quote]
RobinTaiwan’s a NIGERIAN? :astonished: I always thought he was Inuit. Go figure.

Just shows you can’t trust ANYONE on an internet forum. :ponder:

It was the “Lots of fun to be had” that triggered my warning instincts. That sounds like someone trying to pull you in.

Besides, an established member could have his/her account hacked into by a scammer.

“On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”

[quote=“Joschka”]Besides, an established member could have his/her account hacked into by a scammer.
[/quote]I never gave jimi my password. I don’t understand! :eh:

Well it sounds a lot better than the place I tried to buy my RFU World Cup tickets from - they had chat and a phone number but the chat was never online and the phone number (which gets a real person) immediately gets passed to an answerphone when you call to confirm your purchase, complain etc.

Incaes anyone else is looking at sports tickets avoid onlineticketexpress - I am now fighting with HSBC over if/how/when I can get a refund under my credit card insurance.