Ipod Buyers Beware!

Beware if you’re considering buying an Ipod in Taiwan. I got a 20G second generation Ipod about 13 months ago at the Tsan Kuen 3C store. It broke down last week and I went to 3C to get it serviced. Since my warranty expired last month I was told that they can’t fix it in Taiwan but have to send it to Singapore. Apparently, they can only fix firmware troubles but can’t open the thing. The only way is to get a replacement for the exact model for NT$8,500. What the fuck? I asked them. I can get a new and better one for almost the same price. The guy at 3C chuckled and said that my 18,000NT machine can be used as a portable HD! They ended up charging me NT600 for “evaluation and transportation.”

Don’t get your Ipod through any retail outlet in Taiwan. Go directly through authorized Apple dealers in Taiwan and make sure you get the Apple care. You’ll pay more but it’s worth it.

Also highly consider getting extended AppleCare. The batteries on the iPods last about 18-24 months and are expensive to replace otherwise.

Does AppleCare actually replace the batteries free of charge? I heard that the batteries are not incouded under AppleCare. You’d still have to pay something like US$99 to get the battery replaced, and that’s with or without AppleCare.

Yes, battery replacement is included in AppleCare for iPod. The cost for battery replacement without AppleCare is US$99, though prices may vary outside the US. There are third party companies that will replace the battery for as low as $49. There’s a good site that explains the problem thoroughly:


Following on…

How much are iPods in Taiwan? - is 8500NT$ about right? What size was that for?


Except for the 10GB, which sells for under NT$8,000 on Yahoo, expect to pay the suggested retail price plus five percent (VAT) pretty much everywhere

Apple prices are so great these days.

Here in Oz… on ANY iBook or PBook (full price no EDU discounts) you get an iPod for AUD$99 extra. (NT$2200-2500).

Anyone heard when the iPod mini might be available in Taiwan?

I think the iPod mini starts worldwide shipping in late July.

Yeah, Apple has announced they will start selling the iPod Mini internationally starting July 24. On the other hard, there has been a parts shortage causing order backlogs in the US (mainly due to the hard drive used) that could muck up the rollout.


Same thing happened to me, but they replace the entire iPod. Still under warrenty. It was a 30G and I found out Mac released the 40G at that time in the US for the same price. NP: I only have 4.2G in it so far anyway.

Been iPod mini availability in Taiwan is set for mid-August. the same of their – drool, drool – Airport Express wireless module/brick thang (I’ve ordered three!)

Hey! Save some for the rest of us. :wink:

Get the AppleCare! When I was toiling at the Apple Strore I came across a lot of people who didn’t realize the batteries in both miniPods and iPods weren’t replacable…the ensuing shitstorm that was kicked up by those 2 guys in New york changed our company policy right fast. iPod AppleCare has global coverage and theoretically can cover as many battery failures as you can manage.
I always saved my battery from wearing down by plugging the thing in while listening to it when i wasn’t in the car (50% of the time)…saved the battery a lot of needless wear and tear.

Also, Think Secret reported a newly designed regular iPod to be intro’d next month…kinda a mix btx iPod mini’s design and that of the regular one, but they say they’ll be available in colors…does this mean we’re going back to candy-colored hardware as a whole?

Hey! Save some for the rest of us. :wink:[/quote]

Bu-wa-ha-ha-ha… sie sind meine, alle Grube!

If you are operating an iPod, beware of the latest iPod software update. Issues have emerged with mounting the device on the desktop. I tossed the April 2004 update into the trash bin and that solved the problem, but others have jiggied with it played with the firewire cord and restarting the machine. I strongly suggest my method. Wait 'til Apple comes up with a decent iPod software update that is bug-free.
Happy listening!

Any idea where to complain if we are experimenting battery failure? I have 2 IPODs (2nd generation apparently) and both of them have problems… coincidence??? I don’t think so… especially when you see the class action suit against APPEL in the States and how APPEL is trying to settle the matter.
What can we do here in Taiwan? Just be nice and buy a new one???

By the way, I don’t advise anyone buying APPEL but of course, it is trendy and fashionable… Fashion has a price, it’s expensive and superficial… this is why IPOD is a consummable item, you use it one year and then throw it to the garbage and buy a new one…

If they are 2nd gen then they would be a bit over 2 years old now, which is about right for battery life for iPods. You can get the battery replaced by either Apple or a third party vendor, or there’s kits you can buy over the Internet that let you replace it yourself. While I have sympathy for some people whose battery has only lasted a year or so, I am a bit puzzled by those who are surprised that it doesn’t last more than 2 years. Batteries do wear out!

Don’t get me wrong, The IPOD rocks and is a fantastic product if it is working properly…BUT

Mine conveniently died a month or two past the warranty, I tried everything to revive it but finally ended up taking it to two Apple dealers for their opinions.

Their verdict; may as well buy a new one cos the service fee is set artificially high. Oh, well 300 bucks down the drain or so it seems. I’m really reluctant to go out and purchase this machine again, I expect a piece of high-Tech to have a life span of at least 3 yrs. Also it seems people r buying this thing for the status it gives, the streets are awash with white earphones nowadays. I don’t want to be another clone!!

I had other minor issues with the IPOD too…and then I recalled…

EVERYONE I knew, who had bought one, experienced some difficulties of some kind…blown earphones, cracked screens, sluggish perfomance, frozen… and so on and so on…