Ipod learning curve issues

ok, bought the ipod at CNY after holding back as long as I could. Just about getting my way around the ipod controls comfortably now, I think the sensitivity of the buttons are simply solved with the hold switch

My main annoyance is with the interface, or navigating through a library that has 3000 songs on it. To make matter worse I seem to have multiple copies of the artist or genre which means I have to scroll much more than I should be doing. Anyone had or solved the same problem. I tried using the software on the PC to match the names but that didnt work, ideas?

Well happy with the product overall and still find it amazing that it possesses my entire music collection.

Just use your PC… Sort by name, and go down the list. Its pretty easy/quick to spot double names, although it’ll take some patience with 3000 songs.

I assume you use iTunes on your computer, which is much easier to navigate and categorize (for obvious reasons). You really need to go through all the songs and put them in the right genre; I try to keep the number of genre down so I’m not innundated with different genre… I think I have around 15-20 myself. My friend’s genre has hip-hop, rap, hip-hop/rap, rapp, etc… That just makes it all messy.

I also use the ‘grouping’ category to build smart playlists.

Its MUCH easier to do this as you add music, rather than going back over all your old music, but it sounds like its too late for that.

Also, I only add the ‘album’ field if I actually have 75%+ of the album - in other words, if I only have three songs from some album, I won’t add the ‘album’ info. This limits the number of album listings to those that you might want to actually listen to.

Anyways, if you do all that, it’ll be much easier to navigate around. That’s the way I do it, but others might have different suggestions.

using iTunes: Select your ipod in iTunes - this will show all songs in ipod. (if you select a playlist - then your changes will not be made in other playlists or in the library) Highlight all songs by the same person. Go to File at the top and select “Get Info” from the pulldown. You can then change the artist, genre, etc. for the whole group of songs. Quick and easy.

my one criticism of ipod is that you cant manage songs within the pod…only thru your pc…so if you put stuff in and then want to delete it you have to go song by song…which is a pain if you put a whole cd in and then regret it! i know their design is intended for auto-synchronisation with your music manager but it would be a whole lot better for me if i could edit directly