iPod mapping Taipei

Late night project.

I haven’t found a decent map of Taipei and the one I had ended up shredded in my pack. Stumbled upon http://www.ipodsubwaymaps.com/ and thought that was interesting, so I went looking for maps of Taipei. But I don’t need a subway map, I need a very detailed map, for all the little lanes and alleys I don’t know.

Gotta say, Taipei’s done well. From the plain vanilla metro map I found my way to the teasers of each stop by clicking on the stop name. (I used Taipei Main Station.)
Clicking on that I was Very Impressed to find more detailed maps.

The problem is, on my iPod Photo it comes out just a little too fuzzy.
And there’s no zoom.

After a bit of playing around, I found that individual maps from a 5x6 worked very welll. Then I discovered that navigating around the city was a royal pain in the ass because the iPod displays thumbnails on a 5x5 grid. But, with a somewhat less ideal image size, I could construct a 5x5 map of the area that looks just like the one above, using thumbnails. This lets me pan and zoom (sort of) around the region. Only, the resolution on the zoom image isn’t quite good enough for easy reading.

Now, I’m sure that someone’s going to simply post a link to an excellent, downloadable map. But supposing nobody does, because there isn’t one available… wouldn’t this (after tweaking the resolution a bit) be a handy thing to make available?

So, anyone got a link to a ready-made map, or a better idea on how to do this?

I did this a while ago for the MRT. I don’t think I have those files anymore.

It’s not too bad figuring out the resolution of the iPod or nano, scaling an image to be as small as possible while readable, and cutting it up. Cutting it up was a pain. I used slices in ImageReady and placed the files in an iPhoto album.