Ipod questions

Will an iPod only charge on the computer itunes is set up on? My roommate installed itunes on her computer becuase that’s where most of our music is. when I went to charge the nano this morning on my computer it didn’t work… we’re going on holiday tomorrow and I’ve flown around to about 5 stores looking for an adaptor becasue it seems like ipods can onl charge from the computers they are set up on. if this is the case, HOW F*CKING STUPID IS THAT!!!

If you both run on Windoz or both run on Mac you need iPODRIP
thelittleappfactory.com/appl … pp=iPodRip
then you’ll be able to exchange songs and do much more…
it’s a small app, 807Kb.
Cheers :wink:

Not true. I charge my iPod at work, but it’s all set up on my home computer.

It’s possible that USB port cannot charge though, especially if it’s on a laptop. Have you tried another port or computer?

By the way, you can get these little plugs now that plug into the power oulet on your wall, and have a USB port on them. Good for this sort of situation, especially if you’re going on holiday. They cost 110NT$ in the computer market.

Edit: Igor, bushibanned just needs to charge it from the other computer.

Apple also makes an adapter, a bit pricy at around NT$1000, but it did come with a variety of socket heads, so it’s great for travel. Your ipod USB into the adapter, adapter into the wall.

Don’t Nanos come with chargers? (I don’t know, I’ve only got one of the big fellas)

Does it recharge through the USB port ? Some USB ports are “powered” and some aren’t. Some devices that need more power (more than a mouse) won’t work on an “unpowered” socket. Obviously recharging would be out of the question in those cases.

It is a Nano, right? If you

thanks everyone!!!

I just picked up a 30 gb iPod Photo today. :smiley:
So what’s the better program, iPodRip, or iLinkPod?

Photo Ipod??
did you really buy an old one?
well at least you got the charger than with it

“The Old One”? Come on, it’s what, 6, 8 months old? Besides, I had some credits on Amazon and found a display model for cheap. Cost me $100 out of pocket. That’s a pretty sweet deal. I’d be ecstatic if it held 60 gb instead of 30, and I probably wouldn’t watch videos anyways.

But seriously, what are the best modifications and accessories out there?

av cable to connect the ipod to the tv
but i store all movies i keep on the ipod