Ipod Touch 8G 3rd Gen or any IPOD Touch basically & SKYPE

Can any IPOD touch owner advise if Skype works well for you? My wife and I will be in Taiwan in about a week and I’m trying to come up with a ‘cheap’ way of allowing people to reach me wherever I am…

So I was thinking of getting IPOD Touch where I have a mini laptop in my pocket so that I can check for any voice messages wherever I go instead of lugging around my netbook/laptop. Also, have you used your IPOD touch to remote into your home computer? How is it?


Yes, the ipod touch is great for skype calls. When I make calls on my computer people say I sound like I’m on speakerphone, but when I call on my ipod they comment on how good the quality is. Plus the new skype app has push so you can have it set to auto log on whenever you have an internet connection.

Thanks for taking the time to reply even though it is a tad too late as I am now in Taipei (have been here for almost 11 days now) and will be leaving tomorrow…

I already bought the IPOD Touch 8Gig, 3rd Gen and it worked flawlessly with Skype, much better than on my PC computer/laptops. Much clearer quality if anyone else is interested.

As for the remote access using such app as logmein, I haven’t tried it yet as I am not willing to pay for an app that I may lose easily if I am in between synching with my iTunes. I tried an app called RDP lite, but have not been able to successfully log in within my LAN, much less remotely outside my home network.