Ipod Touch Battery issue?

My iPod Touch is about a year and a half old now, and gets pretty extensive daily use.
What is a reasonable expectation for the service life of a battery on one of these flash devices? Recently I’ve had a problem where the device will get hot and the battery will drain very quickly. It doesn’t happen consistently, but it has me thinking that I should seek advice.

just got an ipod touch. any feedback?

When the device’s hot, it might mean the processor’s working a lot. That would drain the battery as well. Check your running apps (well, easy to say harder to do… but at least try to observe whether it’s app specific). Also, there were some screw-ups with push technology in early 3.0 series firmware that exhausted the battery quickly.

As for the mileage I get with my (over an year old) iPod: (graphically and CPU intensive) game cca 1-2 hours, movie let’s say 4, music a lot (12 at least). Web surfing not much… I guess the wifi together with all the zooming and webpage rendering is not very battery friendly.

my iphone (2g) goes red hot when i use the wifi for any more than 10 minutes. then the battery meter would go flat within the day. ive left my phone on airplane mode and its run about 10+ days not doing anything too, so id agree with yankyo, its just the ipod doing something causing the battery to drain

Did a search and could not find an answer, so I’ll post my question here.
Is there any place in Kaohsiung that will replace an iPod battery?