Iran. It's a done deal


So what is the Trump team’s strategy? Haven’t heard much of what they plan to do in place of the previous agreement.


That would be the million dollar question. Personally, I have no idea, I know today is a lot more volatile than yesterday.

A Trump Presidency is a roller coaster ride and not for the faint of heart, I love a good roller coaster ride, but now and then they even get me nervous.


I don’t know, it’s not anywhere we haven’t been before (until 2015). I was never convinced the deal was a great idea. I’m on the fence here


No agreement…Iran restarts nuclear bomb making and the USA or Israel takes out the facilities


Possibly. It would fit the pattern we’ve observed with this guy.


Half the time we find out what Annoying Orange is going to do after he’s done it.

The other half the time he says right up front what he’s planning and nobody believes him.

Either way, they never see it coming.


Was the moment when you decided to start calling Donnie unflattering things also the moment when you realized he wasn’t exactly the right horse to bet on? Just curious.


It’s not like Iran has any historical grievances with those countries. Oh, wait… :doh:

(I know, that works both ways. But the way they see it, certain countries are less trustworthy than others.)


What, you don’t like annoying oranges?

I love `em.

Somehow they never seem to get the knife.


If history is any guide it’s clear what comes next. Throw a bunch of bad intelligence against the wall to see what sticks, if only for a day or two. Mobilize the Israeli Foreign Legion for another long term deployment in the Middle East. Cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, including thousands of simple minded, low income Americans who believed they were fighting to stop an Iranian invasion of North America. Double the national debt to 40 trillion dollars. Declare victory while admitting it was all a big mistake and promising never to do it again. Leave the Middle East in even more chaos and extremism than before.


The important thing about using history as a guide is knowing which history applies.

And the key to that is knowing when we’re in a new epoch. If you don’t know when the game has changed, you won’t know what the score is.

To put in another way, a lot of the people who once made history are now history.

That which couldn’t go on forever, didn’t.


Right, the ‘this time is different’ version of history.


How much longer can you stay anti-war, Comrade? You’ve already had a sip of Rollo’s Kool-Aid. It’s a slippery slope… :hushed:


I hope Iran does get the bomb. They’re not likely to nuke anybody, and it would deter Israel and the USA from fucking with them.


This time it’s the same… as the rest of The Donald’s political history.

At last that’s the way to bet.


Thanks for letting everyone know where your sympathies lie.


Rowland be like…

At last, a real wolf! :wolf: :grinning:




I’ve been anti recreational war here on Forumosa since before you were born, yyy. Check the way back machine circa 2007 and you’ll find polls I started wagering when resurgent hallucinations of weapons of mass destruction would trigger the U.S. and Israel into attacking Iran.


Was it before or after the ice caps melted?

The way things are going we could get the chance to wipe out half of Iran’s military without going near Iran.

(Of course, that might mean another Iraq war. But not necessarily.)