Iran's islamic law ... so creative

The solution for prostitution … temporary marriage … ‘Sighe’ …

Many of the clients find a way to buy sex and still comply with Muslim law: they marry the women in what is called ‘Sighe’, a temporary marriage sanctioned in Shia Islam. Sighe can last from two hours up to 99 years. Both Minna and Fariba enter into Sighe with clients, and Fariba is in a Sighe marriage with a neighbour, Habib, that lasts six months. Giving his perspective on temporary marriage, Habib says that Sighe is a way to help poor women, it is an act of mercy in the name of Allah.[/quote]

There is a film made about this fenomena, read about it here

There’s always a convenient loophole.

That’s actually a regional tradition that pre-dates Islam and was practiced in non-Muslim areas too (after Islam came around). European sailors knew the joys of those “temporary marriages” when they stopped off at Madagascar for a bit of R&R. And those Malagasay girls weren’t Muslim.

Oh yeah and the practice is forbidden under Sunni Islam. And you can’t enter a temporary marriage contract or any marriage contract at all with a Shi’a girl unless you first convert to Islam.

Sorry BroonAle. I know you were getting excited about your next trip to Iran.

Here is another film about the phenomenon. You’ve probably seen it.

Sorry BroonAle. I know you were getting excited about your next trip to Iran.[/quote]

That scuppers my Kish and tell holiday.


Haven’t seen it, but thanks for the link. Is it…um, suitable for work? :smiley: