Iraq Police Units: Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Another American journalist has been killed in Iraq – a guy who wrote about the police being infiltrated with insurgents has been hauled off by gunmen driving a police car and shot.

[quote]Vincent and the translator were seized Tuesday afternoon by five gunmen in a police car as they left a currency exchange shop, police Lt. Col. Karim al-Zaidi said.

In an opinion column published July 31 in The New York Times, Vincent wrote that Basra’s police force had been heavily infiltrated by members of Shiite political groups, including those loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

Vincent quoted an unidentified Iraqi police lieutenant as saying that some police were behind many of the assassinations of former Baath Party members that have taken place in Basra.

‘‘He told me that there is even a sort of ‘‘death car’’ – a white Toyota Mark II that glides through the city streets, carrying off-duty police officers in the pay of extremist religious groups to their next assignment,’’ he wrote.

Vincent was also critical of the British military, which is responsible for security in Basra, for turning a blind eye to abuses of power by Shiite extremists in the city.[/quote]

Of course, there are people in these forums who deny that there are any Shiite extremists, but I suppose they would be “turning a blind eye” to the problem as well.

Of course, there are people in these forums who deny that there are any Shiite extremists…[/quote]

Really? Care to name them?

Comrade, here’s a quote from just yesterday:

If the gentleman responsible for this bit of malarkey might wish to discuss it, he may. However suffice it to say that denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

[quote=“mofangongren”]Comrade, here’s a quote from just yesterday:

If the gentleman responsible for this bit of malarkey might wish to discuss it, he may. However suffice it to say that denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.[/quote]

So one reporter is kidnapped and murdered (possibly by Shias) and that’s the same thing as the insurgency being conducted by Sunnis, Bathists and their foreign mercenary supporters. That’s what you’re saying, right?

Do you feel that the Iraqi police are of a high calibre, trustworthy, etc.?

By the way, how’s that arrest warrant against al-Sadr for murder charges coming along? It’s been a couple of years now, so has anybody actually handled that case yet? I recall that some people went out on a limb to say that al-Sadr had been “dealt with”, but that’s clearly not the case.

Well…they haven’t fed 100,000+ people into paper shredders, now have they? That’s got to be an improvement…or do you prefer the old regime?

If the Iraqi “police” are going to work alongside the Iraqi “army” so that our guys can eventually get home, I think this article hints at a wee bit of a problem.

As to whether they’re better than the previous ones, it’s hard to say – how many of the previous ones were really tied in with Saddam’s secret-police apparatus? As part of the de-Baathification, was it really necessary to fire all the traffic cops (the guys standing out in the intersection with their hands signalling) in a country with hardly any traffic signals?

That’s an understatement.

[quote]On Sunday, The New York Times Op-Ed page printed an article that Mr. Vincent had written about the British military in Basra, in which he sharply criticized the British for allowing religious Shiite parties and clerics to take control of Basra and populate the security forces with their followers.

He wrote that a police lieutenant had confirmed that a few fellow officers were carrying out assassinations of former members of Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party, apparently in revenge for the oppression of Shiites.

“He told me that there is even a sort of ‘death car’: a white Toyota Mark II that glides through the city streets, carrying off-duty police officers in the pay of extremist religious groups to their next assignment,” Mr. Vincent wrote.

Conservative Shiite parties have strengthened their hold on Basra since the elections in January, and many members of Shiite militias have joined the police force. . .

He said he believed that the American-led invasion of Iraq was justified and part of a much larger campaign against what he called “Islamo-fascism.”

But he also said he was deeply disappointed by the failure of the United States and Britain to enforce their visions of democracy here. It was the duty of journalists, he said, to expose the pitfalls of the rising tide of Shiite Islam in Iraq in order to awaken the Bush administration to the kind of nation it was helping to create.[/quote] … alist.html

[quote]He wrote:

Gee…turns out that Mr. Vincent WAS executed by radical Moslems for his intent to marry his interpreter. Seems like this pissed off the local Islamofundementals enough to kill him and severely wound her in the murder attempt. … alist.html

Wondering where they got the police car to haul Vincent off in before he was killed… :wink: Thanks for the update, though.

What?! Yet another example of one of MFGR’s interminable allegations that didn’t pan out. Color me f***ing surprised. haha

One British officer says he thinks Vincent was killed by militants. Of course Vincent was the guy who wrote that the police were full of militants and that the British army was responsible for this situation. Vincent then gets hauled off in a police car and murdered and we have some British army guy saying: Nope… it’s just militants.

By the way, how are those police coming along. All the assessments so far indicate that the Iraqi “army” and “police” are a total joke.

I do recall you were the one so adamant that there’s no such thing as a Shi’ite militant. So, what is it: Was it a bad police officer? A Shi’ite militant? Oh, do tell!

Find me the quote where I said there was no such thing as a Shia militant.

As to the rest of it, hahahahaha, busted again hahahahahahahahah now have a nice weekend and get a volume on truth and evidence. That is apparently something you are somewhat unfamiliar with hohohohohohohohohhahahahaahahh

I wonder what sort of idiot might have written that the Shias are not involved and that the insurgency is confined to the Sunni areas. :wink:

I would appear that you missed the “for the most part” but I imagine that this was done intentionally. So in your opinion currently in Iraq, which of the following groups is most involved in the insurgency? Sunnis, Shias or Kurds? And which groups are being targeted most by the insurgents: Sunnis, Shias or Kurds? Now go back and read the remark in the context of the thread, but then this is typical MFGR modus operandi. You said in THIS thread that the Iraqi cops were bad, bad, bad and were responsible for this reporter’s death and linked it to his reporting on the police units, no? Now, you have not been able to prove that and a conflicting account of what really happened has been offered. So what do you do? Gracefully admit to your mistake and apologize for your accusation or do you look for tangents to run down? I will look forward to how you spin this next aspect of “no Shia militants” to avoid discussing what really happened with the very thread that you started. This is VERY amusing. I do hope that you will pepper it with some good MFGRisms as well. hahahahaha hohohohohohohhoh heehehehehehe hahah Seriously, hurry and respond though. I have to leave for a dinner soon and I want some witticisms to share. So good for one’s reputation as a wag at dinner parties don’t you know. I swear you have been an absolute godsend in terms of burnishing my ability to charm and confuse.

Funny that an apologist for Bush and his party - who regularly win elections by creating “context-free zones” around the opposition, by quashing context utterly - would now beg readers of this forum to consider it.

Not haha funny, the other kind.

I didn’t miss it. Here’s what you wrote:

Are you correct that the insurgency “confined to the Sunnis [sic] areas”? No. Check the article.

Are you correct that the “Kurds and Shias are not involved”? Apparently not, given that the Shi’ites seem involved with insurgency activities against Westerners.

Are you correct that the Kurds and Shias are “not for the most part attacking Sunnis”? Not if the dead journalist’s articles are correct that the Shi’ites are using their infiltration of police units to kill Sunnis who used to work in the old government.

Is there anything in the sentence that is factually correct?

Yes, in that sense you are quite right MFGR. I should have rephrased it differently. My point was that the insurgency is mostly based in the Sunni areas. So let me be clear and rephrase this. The insurgency is mostly a Sunni problem. There are, however, radical Shiites, but they are not really the ones causing us the problems right now. Satisfied?

BUT we are discussing how the Iraqi cops were bad, bad boys and once again, you are wrong about the assertions that you have made.

I’d say that the Iraqi cops have a long way to go before we can turn any responsibility over to them. Sounds like the Brits are presiding over a big mess … and their zone is not even as much of a roiling pot of crap as the area under U.S. control.

Now MFGR, your assertion was that the Iraqi cops were responsible for killing the journalist in question. Did they? Do you have any proof? What has come of your allegation? Would you like to now retract it? along with the missing explosives at al Qaqaa? Gannongate? Rovegate? AWOLgate? the troops don’t vote Republican gate? Carter was a hero gate? Just checking.