Iraqis get to vote in Syria. When will the Syrians?

Now, this should be VERY interesting. The Iraqis in Syria get to vote in the upcoming election. Think any of their Syrian friends will notice. Hmmm?

[quote]DAMASCUS, Syria

What about your allies with despots around the world?

I don’t see you talking about Pakistan.

Fair point Cake:

Why no elections nor pressure on Musharraf to hold them? Perhaps, because we fear that such pressure could result in an Iran like scenario. Do you not fear something similar. There was a good editorial about this in the Economist this week. What to do with Pakistan? A very good question indeed. What do you suggest? The Economist was at a loss as to what to do, perhaps you could enlighten us with the best approach to take. Remember Pakistan has a large number of Western hating madrassa “educated” graduates, a few nukes, and the potential to be very uncooperative regarding transfer of such technology to rogue regimes. Should your obsessive regard for consistency be what determines how we act here or do you see the real potential for an even worse situation? I do. Pakistan is the single nation that keeps me awake at night. I am far more worried about what happens in Pakistan than North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Syria, et al. I am still VERY worried about Ukraine. I think that just because the election is over is no reason to get complacent. Why oh why isn’t Germany and its government spending all its foreign-affairs efforts on this single most important nation right now is bewildering. This is a very serious situation and Berlin is fiddling around. Please someone pay attention to Ukraine. Germany is the best placed country to get behind an effort to get international donors and attention focused squarely on Kiev and the one to keep that spotlight there so all the rats and cockroaches do not come scurrying back out.

This may be a little unfair on poor Cake. It is possible that he was not saying that he had a solution for bringing democracy to Pakistan, but merely taking the position that if democracy can’t be introduced to every nation in the Muslim world then it really shouldn’t be encouraged any Muslim country. Surely political repression, suffering and tyranny are a small price to pay for conistency?