IRC Channel

if you have mIRC, then click this link… I guess it’s time Forumosa got their IRC channel started


get mIRC here

lets get it populated

What’s the difference between mirc and MSM messenger?

you will see the difference when you begin using it

msn messenger is good, but it can’t do what mIRC can… :sunglasses:

I can set Messenger so I appear offline, which means I’m not constantly irritated/distracted by annoying flashing icons on my computer screen – that’s the only function I need.

yeah like being able to change nicknames constantly

so you can play mr boogie man with your net chums
or repetitively harrase the same stranger and they will never find out who you are … so ive heard


May I ask why you pick that server? Theres nobody there! Try efnet, dalnet or even undernet. If you’re going to set up a perminant home on IRC and you should get some bots to maintain the channel.

Just my two cents.

It wouldn’t matter what server it is, only we who know about it would go there anyway, being on dalnet would not bring in more forumosa-ers. dalnet, undernet and several others have banned ALL users from hinet in the past (think they’re unbanned now), because hinet did nothing about people spreading spam and viruses, so maybe a little unknown server is better in that respect. To get more people you just need to make it better known among forumosaists, maybe ask gus to make a teeny little banner ?
You don’t need mirc to use that link, I use mozilla and it opened up automatically in chatzilla.

Yeah but do you ever just stick to one channel on IRC or any other chat for that matter? Plus bigger server = more people to talk to! But yeah you’re right hinet was banned from a lot of the major servers in the past … grrrr! But Efnet is back and thats the one that i use the most.

Whee, another place for me to hang out 24/7