'Ireland' Photographic Exhibition

Peter O’ Driscoll will be exhibiting his photos on sights and scenes of Dublin Ireland.

Hosted by the Taipei Artist Village Cafe in Taipei city, the exhibit opening takes place on Friday May 14th at 7.30pm and will continue until June 6th.

Below is a link to some of the images on Peter’s flicker account :




What about Cork? No fancy pants pictures of Cork? Are people from Cork allowed to yer big Dublin show?

Sure don’t ye see Mick every summer…Isn’t that good enough for ye.

Will there be any nice photos of potatoes?

There might be one of a ‘Raging Potato’ throwing an oval shaped ball at Lansdowne road.

I’ll bring some Cork photos in a few months!!!

They are really bloody nice atmospheric photo-journalism shots of an era that is close to ending. I VERY seldom feel moved enough to buy photos off people, but in O’Driscoll’s case, he has several that I’d like to own.
Fair play to yer!

Yeah! But make sure their not of your willy!

giggles and shits with ginger gits in woolly outfits

Some nice compostions on that flickr link…

I think I bought some of those pics. :ponder: Remind an old man.