iRideTAIPEI flying over Taiwan at Nanshan Mall Xinyi

I tried the fly over Taiwan on iRideTAIPEI VR (virtual reality) experience at Nanshan Breeze Center Mall Xinyi and highly recommend. Twenty minutes of VR flying over Taiwan. Really beautiful and maybe should be one of the first stops for friends visiting Taiwan to give them a perspective. Only 20 seats available so buy ticket first or make appointment reservation online. Standard price NT$480 and they have some discounts like buy one get one.

It may even give people that have lived in or been around Taiwan alot a whole new appreciation. It did me, and I’ve helicoptered all over Taiwan.

Sounds cool, also sounds like an ad lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Just trying give detail and preempt questions. :happyrunningaround:

Does look really cool with tech they are using. Been on something like in a museum in Kaohsiung. Nice find, would have been great fun.

Here’s a picture of the introductory video with the requisite token foreigner and slimer than normal light skinned semi-attractive girl (showing off some shoulder). Both rare in Taiwan.


Took some Taiwan friends for my second visit, they loved it.

The whole impression when preparing with a safety video and seat belts is that it’s like a roller coaster.

I went on it during CNY holiday and it was awesome. The mall was packed but there was no line for iRide. It’s just like Soaring Over California at Disney’s California Adventure, but it’s the Taiwan edition. The ride is good for both visitors and locals, who will sure to recognize most of the places/events featured on the ride. It was a moving (in both senses of the word) experience!

There’s one in E Da park that is awesome too.