Irritating cough

Has anyone developed an irritating cough lately…?

I wondered if it was a bug going around or maybe something I should go see the Doctor about.

when I get a cough here it lasts weeks. The main reason I do not visit the doctor, is that they always give you 3 days of antibiotics, which is useless. A Doc mate of mine back home says 10 days is the requirment.

they probably do it here so you need to visit the doc 3 times.

If you are hacking up blood though, I recommend the doc of course.

Yeah, happened to me occasionally. A trip abroad seems to fix it, for some reason. Might have something to do with Taiwan’s air quality, which is apparently in the world’s bottom 10, or something.

As bigduke just said, don’t bother going to the doctor because he just gives you a dangerously-inadequate course of antibiotics, which are guaranteed not to work because of rampant over-prescription of dangerously-inadequate courses of antibiotics.

  1. Colder temperatures constrict blood vessels plus cold fronts from China carrying sand storm particles which are nothing but industrial pollution plus an allergy condition = cough cough pugh!

  2. Colder temperatures followed by sudden hot spells plus many coworkers sick plus riding on public transport and hence exposing yourself to funny viruses = cough cough puaj!

  3. Colder temperatures plus sinus conditions/allergy conditions/smoking friends/enclosed office surroundings = cough cough puff!

I developed at irritating cough and visited the Doctor. He told me it was maybe caused by 30 years of heavy smoking;gave me a veritable myriad of pills.
Doctors seem to prescribe 50 tablets for minor ailments,as mentioned they must earn this way.
Unfortunately an MRI scan would suggest my lungs are not good so i have decided to pack as much fun in before i leave :slight_smile:
The Air quality is under par here especially on my balcony :fume:

Hospitals can prescribe longer dosages of antibiotics. Clinics are by health regulations only allowed to give three days. And no not all prescriptions need 10 days. A week is sufficient in many cases.

As for the cough, it would help if we knew where and what conditions you live under.