Is 100K enough for family of 3 (child of 3year) to live in Taipei?

Definitely possible. 60k is the minimum you need if you live frugally.

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I did that too. If your goal is money at the endline…OK. It’s not the worst idea. However, when you realize that you only get a few decades to live and spending half of them planning for the end two…well, again for me…meh.

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We have no idea if OP is talking ntd or usd, btw,…, let alone per month or per year


An annual trip visiting home for three people will set you back 90K-100K or more!

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I can’t imagine 100k with 3 kids. But thats just me.

I believe the OP means they are a family of 3 with a 3-year-old kid.


Oh ok. I read it wrong. Ok, it’s doable than. I was think 3 kids like how will you pay for all their expenses.

younger healthy kids, in temperate climates, really aren’t that expensive, unless you’re choosing to put them in a lot of pricey activities or private school / fancy daycare.

If your family is used to having a lot of fresh fruits, your ‘fruit bill’ in Taipei can be quite high.

100K US$ or NT$?

On NT$ it will not be easy if you keep a western appetite.