is 6k too much for iphone screen and touch pad fix?


it would be cheaper, but the factory one is 6k. Maybe guanhwa can be cheaper?

Anyone know the price to just get a brand new iphone 6 now that the 7 is out and 8 is coming? if it’s around 10k, i might as well get a new one you know.

maybe i should get another phone, the only reason i get the iphone is bc i’m so used to it.


Wife dropped her iphone 7 the other day. Cost 129 plus tax (139 total) to get the smashed glass replaced at an Apple Store.

iphone 5 glass was 79 and 6 was 116 or something like that.

i think iphone 7 going around 748 plus tax while the 6s is like 100 less?

not many still selling iphone 5s.

These are Bay Area prices.