Is 71000 NT$ per month gross or net salary?

So I will probably relocate in August 2020, however salary of 71000 bruto sound low for university employee.Am I right? How much tax would I need to pay?Im married. Do I have any tax exemption if married.

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That’s in the ballpark for a starting university employee, yeah. It’s an OK salary for Taiwan (especially when vacation time and Chinese New Year bonus is factored in), pretty garbage if compared to North America.

Tax … maybe 6%, maybe 13%, depending on total household income. Being married can help not so much because of an exemption, but because you can calculate taxes two ways (as if you’re separate, and as if you’re together), and choose the better one. (I’m no tax expert. I may have that wrong.)

Note that if you arrive in August you’ll probably have 20% taken out of your salary for tax for that first calendar year, but you should get most of it refunded in tax season the following summer.

Main tax exemption comes from having dependents - children of course, but also older parents.


Doing what at the university? Admin, teaching?

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You are very patient and helpful . I’ll leave my comment at that.


What position would help, too. Lecturer, assistant professor etc.

I wouldn’t bother , lazy questions deserve lazy answers .


71k is practically the same before and after tax.

Yes. Actual tax on that should be under 3%.

Literally been paid worse for a tech job starting salary in the UK (net)

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To the OP,
many universities have their salary tables on their websites.

Here is last year’s tax instruction.


Research and Science


Me too. That’s about what I started on.

how much taxes did you pay?So the salary is gross?

The salary you have been offered will of course be gross. Tax will vary according to your gross annual household income and marital status.

I am married to a Taiwanese so pay around 5% up to 1.1million and then 13% after that. I think we nudge into the 18% bracket for some of our income. We also get tax deductions for a child and elderly parents. This is all off the top of my head, by the way.

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thank you. How they deduct from social and health insurance?