Is a 20,000NT termination of contract fee legal?

I’m happy in my current job, but my contract states if I quit the job before the 2 year contract ends that I must pay a 20,000NT fine to the school. This sound weird to me, but is it actually legal? Could they enforce it?

Similar questions are asked and answered many times.


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It’s legal if they don’t deduct it from your salary, but their lawyer would charge more than that, so they won’t sue you unless you really piss them off.

You may be able to find a legitimate reason to leave early.


Depends on how it is written, and like @yyy said, they don’t deduct it from your salary. If the $20,000 is for the cost involved in training you, and they want to recuperate that cost should you fail to stay for more that one year, then this may be enforceable. If the $20,000 is for ‘breaking’ your contract, the company may find this harder to enforce. :slight_smile: