Is a one year lease exactly one year?

I have a wierd situation. My land lady says that since I moved in on February 27th last year, I have to move out on Feb 27th this year. Is this true? Or am I entitled to stay until the end of the month (th 29th)? Not a huge deal, but it will save me a bit of pain next weekend!

Typically speaking, yes. If you moved in on the 27th, that’s probably also when you pay your rent, right? So that is in essence, also the day you are supposed to move out. No entitlement to the end of the month, unless previously arranged. Actually, I’d say your vacating date should be the day before you pay your rent. Like, if you pay rent the first of the month, then you move out the last day of the previous month.

However, if you are needing a couple more days, then I don’t see why the land lady doesn’t just let you have them; most homeowners don’t mind unless they have some other plans that can’t be changed. Usually, if you have a good enough relationship or excuse, it shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s a money thing, just offer to pay her for the extra days; pro-rate the rent. If she insists that you have to move out, then she’s probably already got someone ready to move in on that day or has other plans for the place then or just has something against you. :shock:

Luck to ya’! But I’m sure you’ll be able to work it out. Just be nice and pitiful when you go about it.

hey thanks for your reply. actually, it says on my lease that i moved in on the 29th of february 03, but she made a mistake so it’s actually the 28th. it says on the february 04 column on my lease that i’m paid till the 28th of this month though. does this mean i gotta move out on or before the 28th? i can’t believe how uptight she is being about this.

If you’re waiting for return of a deposit, then don’t get on her wrong side over a day. If she’s insisting on the 27th, and you moved in on the 27th, then move then. If you’ve already have your deposit back, then personally I’d probably move early on the 28th. I guess she either has someone moving in or wants to clean the place up over the weekend, perhaps she has plans on Sat and doesn’t want to deal with returning deposits. keys etc on that day. Best thing you can do is talk to her about it, if she insists and she has your deposit, then you don’t really have much choice. Arguing with her over a day isn’t going to get you too far.

Well, the story gets even more interesting. It looks like I was looking at the payment details and not the actual contract, which I can’t read anyways. So here I was arguing with her about one day, and it got a bit out of hand, but we settled on I would pay her 1200 NT for the 28th and 29th, mostly because I don’t need any trouble and just want my 36000NT deposit back.

The plot thickens…my friend read my contract and it says I have the place from March 1st last year to Feb 29th this year!!! The landlady has been basically trying to screw me out of 2 days leaving early, and now 1200NT! She had the nerve to tell me I moved in on the 27th which is BS…last year, the 1st was a saturday, and my buddy helped me move that day. I haven’t spoken to her yet, but I’m trying to figure out my best course of action: attemt to sort it out now (no police), or try to sort it out on the day I get my deposit back and am suppossed to pay her the 1200NT, with the police involved. What do you guys think?

t down to experience and learn form it, it is not worth arguing over 1200NT, unless money really is that tight.

As a more general comment, it still mazes me here, that people are signing contracts without really knowing what it is they are signing, strange state of affairs.

So how did it fair out in the end, ueberwagner?