Is a photocopy of the contract valid?

So here’s the deal. I have always received an employer stamped contract. There were always two of them, one for me and one for the employer. I signed both, and the employer stamped both. Now I asked for my copy of the contract and they simply copied their stamped and signed contract on the photocopier. Is this photocopied version valid or should start the fight to get them to give me an original stamped contract?

So tired of contract games. I just went through the battle to get them to make the Chinese and the English the same. They conveniently left out the Chinese on an important clause that I bargained for.


In the event of a labor-management dispute, you don’t actually need a written contract at all, but you do need evidence to support any claim you make, e.g. if you never signed anything but received an email confirming the details of your employment, that will be considered evidence of an employment “contract” (an agreement establishing an employment relationship).

If your boss is the kind of person who would try to pull off a forgery, of course an original copy would be more persuasive than a photocopy. Another option is to photograph the original.