Is a very short, vague contract bad?

I have read through the previous posts and have heard that they seem laid back, and I’m wondering if this laid back attitude is the reason for the vague contract, or should I be worried?


  • The contract at this school is less than a single page.
    Contract (shorthand version):
  1. Follow Taiwanese law
  2. Taxes will be deducted as per standard Taiwanese law
  3. $20,000 contract cancellation penalty, unless you give them two months’ notice, then it’s fine.
  4. 2 months before the end of the contract you need to tell them officially whether you’re going to renew or not.

No mention of them applying for an ARC for me (or if it will be deducted from my pay), nothing about NHI, or how much I will have to pay for it. Nothing about vacation time. Nothing that states that my maximum mandatory hours will be 15 (as verbally agreed upon)…

I haven’t signed it yet, but I’m wondering if I should write a contract addendum and present it to them… or is it unnecessary to be concerned with this? Has anyone been screwed over

Thanks in advance.

I’m curious in GVO as well. Can you please share details about what happened? Did you go through with it?

Basically GVO are lazy assd and can’t be bothered to have the contract in full… in ENGLISH.
They have a full contract in Chinese, but to translate all in proper English would be a pain.
I would say the contract is fine, but if problems arise in future with your relationship between them, you
would be the one more likely to get screwed.

In saying that, it is normal… ish…

Cha, I’ve been working at GVO for a year— go for it, they’re FINE. Just do a good job for your students, and GVO will take care of you.
PS I’ve never actually MET my manager in person. I praise the powers of the universe everyday for my good luck- not that she’s a terrible person, she sounds great on the phone, but compared to my previous job where my managers (plural) breathed down my neck every day, GVO is like a breath of fresh air…