Is Andrew McCabe going the "burn this place down" route?


I certainly hope so. There was a fair bit of coverage given to McCabe alluding to discussions with top FBI/DOJ thinking up ways to invoke the 25th Amendment. I won’t comment any further in this post.

This one seems to be getting less coverage.

Yes, indeed the House and Senate gangs of eight never objected, including the Republicans. Anyone paying attention knows why. The article notes, interestingly singling him out.

The office of Senate Intelligence Ranking Member Mark Warner (D-Va.) declined to comment on McCabe’s characterization of the briefing, and spokespeople for other lawmakers who were present in the briefing did not immediately return requests for comment.

Mark Warner (D-Va.) in case anyone missed it, was the guy that told Bruce Ohr in Jan 2016 to get in contact with Christopher Steele and Oleg Deripaska, long before any of the folks Mueller has been indicting for process crimes ever joined the Trump team.

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