Is anybody else worried about the inevitable post-COVID "digital nomad" explosion in Taiwan?

I like stinky tofu. I wouldn’t force it upon others, though.

Got no use for begpackers.

The digital nomads I know here are good people. My reading of them is they’re more concerned about fleeing the political and economic chaos of the West than they are of the rise of China.


So… they don’t grasp the big picture?

Panic is not a life strategy.

Well, they’re not sinking any roots in Chiwan. My own roots now are wide but shallow.

I’d say you’d have to be a bit of a foreign dickhead yourself for even making this post… :crocodile:


Not worried. Digital nomads by definition have jobs, and as such will be more responsible and won’t be begging.


What is the difference between a digital nomad who comes here for a while, sleep with a few girls, pretend he found the nirvana and - eventually - leaves and you, who will work from Taiwan for your UK employer, probably doing pretty much the same, and eventually going back to the UK? (Even if you say you will do it before retirement).


The number of white expats in Taipei is down from historical highs in the 2000s. It’s why places like Carnegies suffer.


Cutting edge insight there.

Carnage as a bellwether of Taipei decadence.


I see no problem with digital nomad other than the term itself, which I find really cringey.

Actually they are very welcomed if they are hot and tall enough.


There are hardly any foreigners in Taiwan in general, it’s not like we have a huge expat culture or are even on the radar. Really don’t give a fuck if skilled people coming here and spending money. It’s not like they are using the nhi and e numbers are so trivial, will hardly influence rent prices or anything. Might increase number of business catering foreigners which in turn makes Taiwan more attractive to foreign investment . I don’t give a fuck what other foreigners do in Taiwan, and neither should you.

More worried about an actual war with China or CCP infiltration.


Once in a while you need to get out of Taiwan to realize “whites” still exist in numbers large enough not to cause inbreeding depression like in zoo animals. :wink:

Places like Shanghai, Hong Kong , Singapore etc have some tension between the visible wealthy expat community and local society. But we barely exist here in the cultural consciousness. Now Taiwanese are more confident you don’t even get stories about horny foreigners behaving badly in clubs and stealing their women.

Occasionally we are visible when a foreigner makes a YouTube video about loving Taiwan or some shit like that.

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foreigners in taiwan are more than 3% of population. it’s hardly any?

And then mostly south east Asians. Quite a lot of ABC or Taiwanese with other passports avoiding military service or whatever and these people are often quite integrated.


Puke-worthy. :face_vomiting:

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There is even less of that stuff than before

As long as they don’t start hogging the seats at my favorite cafes, I could care less.


race traitor ( plural race traitors )

  1. (derogatory) A person who supports attitudes or positions that are against the interests or well-being of their own race.

yes, south east Asian resident foreigners ⊂ foreigners

I would say there are hardly any non asian foreigners westerners for what you may intend to mean.

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