Is applying for FETIT (public school teacher) year round possible?

Hello, first time poster. I’ve been lurking/searching the boards for the answer to this question and haven’t found the answer. I want to go to Taiwan after two years of teaching in Korean public schools (through EPIK). I have been doing some research of when I should apply to the FETIT ( program to teach in Taiwanese public schools (I have a valid Canadian teaching license)… I’ve heard that they have an orientation in September for the July applicants, but isn’t that in the middle of the public school year? I’ve also heard that the government can’t fill these teaching positions. I have no way to verify anything because I have no experience in Taiwan, or friends there.
I really would like to know a straightforward answer because my contract here ends on August 25th, so life would be a bit difficult if it’s true I can only get hired for an August/September start date. My intentions were to go home for a couple months and hang out with my family then hit the road running in Taiwan (or line up a public school job from Canada).

Thanks in advance, eh