Is "begpacking" legal? (not general discussion)

It’s obvious she didn’t do her cultural research before coming here. Just like companies not caring about spelling in Canada.

Filipino= Arrest, racist joke and instant deporation.
White tourist= Chuckle and give money


This guy isn’t even offering hugs: the selfish prick just focuses on his phone while people give him money.

so have the tables finally turned? taiwanese finally changed their mind and no longer find begpackers cute? these beggers are obviously earning a keep from doing what they are doing so you only have taiwanese to blame for this trend, cus i ain’t giving them JACK.

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This guy’s got a good angle, “pay me to leave Taiwan”

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A few days ago I noticed a foreign woman ahead of me going up to everybody she passed and offering a Taiwanese flag. She saw me (and my wife) approaching, tucked them in a bag and walked off. Really odd. Xinyi District - not in an area near any hostels or schools.

She must have been given an earful by another foreigner, so now she keeps the racket to Taiwanese only.

A few days ago there was a report of a very successful scam. This guy at foreign airports, like Bangkok or Osaka, approaches the Taiwanese passengers. He tells them his bag was stolen, can they lend him some money? He shows a plane ticket headed to Taiwan.

All Taiwanese interviewed said they would easily give him 4000 or 5000 NTD, as he is a fellow Taiwanese in trouble.

There are more than 20 reports of his victims this month alone.

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Begging for money for a flight ticket back home or otherwise shouldn’t be allowed as it implies you broke the law.

Entering Taiwan on a tourist visa without a return ticket is not allowed. Usually the airlines are enforcing those rules when you check in to your flight to Taiwan. Border agents also might ask to see the return ticket (usually they don’t). You can simply circumvent it by buying a return ticket that is 100% refundable for a short period of time and refund it after you enter the country.


I would call the police. People who are in this situation are supposed to contact their country’s representative office for assistance instead of begging on the streets.

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Just saw a cop shoo one of these guys away in Ximending. He knew the drill. No ticket.


There’s also a bunch of Indian fortune tellers out there at the moment. Usually they’re based in HK but for obvious reasons they’ve made their way here. I hate those guys.


I only have an impression of Indian tailors, who are pretty annoying.

I like how HK Island is an exclusion zone for them. They are only allowed on the Kowloon side.

I suspect they won’t last long. The real (fake) Taiwan fortune tellers will call their neighborhood cop or enforcer who will politely kick their ass down the road.


Some local fortune tellers are basically just counselors who make some people feel better. I don’t think they are all mystic meg types.
The Indian ones just seem to be quick scamming though.

I tell them to :banana: off whenever I see them. They were here in Neihu for a couple of days but they seem to have given up.

Yeah, I don’t think this will prove to be fertile ground.

those mutes with the Taiwan flags seem to have pissed off now…

I got one here a couple weeks ago (Keelung/Zhongxiao)

He got pretty flustered when I asked if he was from Honkers.