Is Blue Ray a good storage storing seldom used av files?

I have a massive collection of classic movies and old Time TV shows not to mention home videos and old Time music files…
I don’t play them that often. I don’t want to delete them but I can’t justify keeping them in my hard drives or buying more storage.
I was thinking of saving them MP4 and putting them on 2 layer DVD.
But the price of a blue ray drive doesn’t seem bad and one stack of disks seem more than enough for my collection. Maybe blue ray will do the job. What do you used for archiving?

Wouldn’t an external drive or two (for backup) be better?

Yeah I guess, but on 1TB is over one thousand dollars. Is a hard drive really good for long term storage and on use. Wouldn’t optical disks in a binder be a safer storage medium?

I’d consider both options unsafe: optical media gets out of date or rots; hard drives fail. I’ve had both happen. At this point I use media off one 2TB hard drive, and every week or so I a) confirm it’s still working fine, and b) duplicate it to a second 2TB hard drive, using SuperDuper.

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