Is calling a mod names reason for a ban?


Dude, it’s a week and a half. This isn’t anything serious like getting fired from a job. Just take the L and do some extra hiking or whatever else you do in your free time when not on here.


No soup for you! :wink:


Did you ever hear about this ‘other’ site? But they probably ban you on your first day!


Isn’t that “other” place as dead as Disco?

If I ever started a rival site, I’d call it Taiwinning.


They just take it ‘easy’.


I bet that Bent guy and the guy with tattoos on his forehead post there.


I enjoy both sites for different reasons.

As for the OP, calling someone a Nazi (if that’s what you did) is bang out of order. It reminds me of the, possibly apocryphal, story of a footballer calling the referee a cheating cunt. The ref replied “Don’t ever call me a cheat.”


If someone is indeed being a Nazi, no problem imo. Call them a Nazi. But it’s one of those pretty serious accusations that needs more substance than removing some threads.


You have to keep in mind that there are pretty substantial cultural as well as age differences among the users of this site. Growing up online this kind of language was used all the time in chats but other users have other backgrounds.


Nazi can be pretty offensive to some. you can call me a Nazi if i said something and i would not care but you must remember we are all different. Lots of ways of explaining unfairness without that. As a Trump supporter at times, mods would love to call me a Nazi …but they resist :laughing:


I have no idea what the accusation was, I just assumed that the OP called someone a Nazi. Whether whichever mod in question was behaving like a Nazi is also not known to me. S/he may have been goose-stepping through Paris, but my guess is s/he only temped some posts.


I would call you a ‘blond wig with an orange lining’. :wink:


I believe at least one is a trump supporter so.

It’s more cool to like him now with all the haters anyways.




But you should come up with a new term for Nazis then, otherwise I don’t know how to address them.


I do not see where this thread is going at this point.


A known reason not to bring up Nazis




I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.


Eh, it’s a Mad_Masala thread. That’s how these threads [fail to] work.