Is calling a mod names reason for a ban?


Lot of flurrying…then 2 weeks of nada.


We know nothing…


Sigh. I suspect I’m blathering on as a “Whoosh” sound passes above me, but now that I see the “not see” pun, I realize that my own post looks like I’m accusing Mad_Masala threads of inevitably tending towards Nazism. Which was not my intent.


Maybe some people are stubborn. Mods, I am sure would give a warning of a ban, before doing it. Somehow , I have escaped over these many years…but I have retreated, like YYY, if things start getting vitriolic.


He probably got annoyed with the Chinese illiteracy of posters.


That is annoying.



Haha. He really didn’t like it when I warned him about posting in 中文。


No. He just banned me.

I don’t know why nobody takes me seriously :frowning:


But you’re still posting after the ban?


10 days of not expressing myself! so many things kept for myself!

I don’t even remember what I had to say!!!

But there was something important I wanted to say, I think…


I may be wrong but you are the only poster on this site who has made his battles with the powers that be the subject of multiple threads. It’s like a long-running sitcom. :space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::man_farmer::man_farmer::man_farmer::vampire::vampire::vampire:


he’s an idealist. we should have all a t shirt with his face on it.

hasta la repression, siempre


I’m having some troubles parsing this sentence. Would like to blame you for that but today I’m not confident enough, maybe it’s my fault after all.

Maybe we should call a grammar Nazi.


I know the feeling. I got banned before but I knew I was going to get banned and did it anyways. The feeling of not being able to express what tree I would be is hard on the soul.


Excuse me, but they prefer you address them as the alt-write.



one word


What tree would you be?


I have nothing but empathy for you, my dear friend d.


Don’t worry, I’m sure it wasn’t important. :grin: