Is calling everyone "Chinese" a sign of desperation?

The focus on the CSB administration is “Localization”. That is what put him there, so why should he change it? As far as I know, one thing that the greens complain about this administration is the fact that so few reforms had taken place (for all the reasons).

The motivation for localization is TI. The reason why so few “reforms” have taken place is because TI is not taking place, whether you want to admit it or not.

There is social reality that cannot be ignored; fabricating a local culture is one of those realities.

Unless localization encompasses the practices of insider trading, Sogo coupons, and fake receipts.

So, despite your pretend confusion earlier, you understand exactly why ac_dropout is always talking about TI. He’s always talking about TI because that’s the “focus” of the CSB administration.

As far as why CSB might want to change the focus of his administration from localization… well, 18% approval rating might be one reason.