Is changing my own oil worth the bother?

We’ve been servicing the new Toyota at the dealer for the last six months, and I’ve been paying around $1400NT for each oil change/service. I presume that Toyota is using cheap quality oil for this, so I’m also curious about which oil to buy if I want to do it myself.
I thought abut having a local garage do it, but think they’d probably cut corners and leave the same filters in!

Toyota’s service standards are pretty good for the Japanese econobox manufacturers, but more expensive than their competitors. For that price I would also bet they are using cheap dino oil. Most garages do not mind if you bring your own oil for service, I do it all the time. OTOH, that might be why the interior of my car always looks like the hold of the Exxon Valdez when I get it back. :s

I have used one shop that doesn’t change oil filters unless you specifically ask them to. My local Subaru dealer didn’t change my transmission fluid yesterday even though it was scheduled and I had told them to change it that very morning. :unamused:

I take mine in for service approx. every 1000 kilometers. It’s what I was told to do. The indicator turns from green to orange around that time so it makes sense to me.

Back home I liked changing the oil for my car. The only problem is/was finding a place to get rid of the old oil. Lucky for me there was a local neighborhood mechanic who let us dump it was his.

I don’t remember where I got it back home, but I believe this was THEE manual to get [Haynes] (aka Chilton Manuals, I thought that’s what they were called.) Even changed a head gasket once using one of these (leaky radiator, turned into a blown head gasket :P)