Is Confucius advertising here?


Did you click on it? Where did it lead?


I saw that too

That was a test. And I thought it didn’t work. Thank you for posting about it here.

I’m finally trying to figure out Google Ad Manager, which I have resisted (and simply didn’t have the time to learn). Stuff like inventory forecasting and management and native ads. So, expect little quirks like this. And if you see any, I’m happy if you call me out on it.


I saw it earlier, but I wonder whether that’s because my brain was subconsciously searching for it after reading this thread. I also clicked on it but nothing happened. I think yyy was tricking me.

Still here and it looks bad on Dark Modes

You mean you suspect a yyy-Tango conspiracy? :hushed:

I certainly don’t know what you’re talking about. :whistle:

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