Is considering adoption the only moral choice?

Is considering adoption the only moral choice?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends

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Is at least considering adoption when planning a family the only moral choice? I.e., is it wrong to fail to at least consider this option?

See? Why did you have to go and make your own poll instead of adopting one?

Sorry, the condom broke.

promoting condom use in Africa is far more moral, isn’t it?

Because of what reasons? Overpopulation?
Then not having kids is another moral choice.

and stretching a long bow, so then would be viral warfare. But that’s immoral from other points of view, like those who feel that life is sacred.

It is not a simple question, and there is no single most moral position, quite apart from the fact that morality is relative, conditional, and cultural anyway.

Yep, and how about us single people? I get the “adopt a child and stop spending so much time/money on pets” speech all the time…