Is coronavirus "force majeure" (不可抗力)?

As the new unfolds,
Like many others im on a visa exempt entry.
Maybe changing my visa will allow me to extend my stay ?(i have till the end of april )
Im so confused and scared

Is this china sickness deemed a force majeure reason ? How to check ? Who to ask?

Sorry if its been asked already
Thanks kindly

No, they’ve said specifically it’s not in itself


It’s not, and they will likely use this as an opportunity to clean house of those that have abused the visa free on arrival scheme to reside in Taiwan full time.


No way, they could have done that at any time if they wanted.


Things that occur as a result of it may be considered force majeure. For example, if your home country is on lockdown and refusing to allow people to enter or if there are no flights available to your home country.

Ultimately, though, the Taiwanese authorities can pretty much call it as they like.

You’re looking at going home (if possible) or overstaying. Sorry, mate.


This message angers the buxiban owner.


Kindergarten owners are going to be crapping themselves.


You could maybe change it to a “Learning English” visa.


Jokes aside, won’t this actually be the case?

Unless loads of guys overstay there are going to be a lot of kindy gigs up for grabs.


Clean house? They need to clean up illegals!
visa exempts are far from illegal
We pump grips of money ,i think there is a love for that. Maybe im wrong

I was at immigration office today it was as busy as i have even seen ,cant wait to see it tomorrow !

Who are you referring to?

Mais non, mon amie. C’est une force mineure!

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What’s the punishment for overstaying? Is it worth working at kindy?

Somebody, tando?, posted the fines somewhere today. The fines aren’t much - I think about 10k tops - but the longer you overstay the more difficult it is to get back into Taiwan. Obviously that only comes into effect when you declare your overstay, or get caught because you’ve done something illegal.

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This message calms the kindy owner.


Im referring to people working and residing in tw
Illegally .
Who where you thinking i was talking about?

Disclaimer: I don’t practice law in Taiwan, I don’t have any firsthand knowledge of this issue, and I don’t know Chinese.

All I’ve been able to find so far is a Chinese-language page with the heading,

When I plugged the above heading into Google Translate, it translated it as follows:

The page contains several Frequently Asked Questions. This is Number 3:

On right-clicking it, I got the following translation from Google Translate:

I haven’t been able to find anything on the page that says one way or the other whether the government considers the coronavirus outbreak to be a force majeure, but I don’t know Chinese, so I can’t translate the page myself.

The page is located here:

*Please note that in the above, Google Translate translated “我國” (literally, “my country”) as China, but I’m virtually certain that the press release intends it to mean either Taiwan or the Republic of China. The following post will affirm that:

and out come the high horsers…

look its pretty simple, the govt wouldn’t allow visa runs if they had a huge problem with it. evidently they don’t. now people teaching english illegally they do have a problem with.

this thing is currently a huge pain in the ass because things are changing everyday, even if i bought a ticket home, who knows if the flight will be cancelled or not? i saw a photo from the airport flights board today. half the flights were cancelled.


If they are working on visa exempt status they are illegal.