Is Covid a Death Tax on Stupidity?

You decide.Watch Flow Chart before voting please.

Well, is it?
  • Yes
  • No

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You get what you vote for.

Policy and messaging matter.



Partisan hacks going to partisan hack.

Given that African-Americans, Native Americans and Latinos have disproportionately higher covid mortality rates than whites, would you write “Is Covid a Death Tax on Being Non-White”?

Given that covid mortality rates correlate with poverty rates, would you write “Is Covid a Death Tax on Being Poor”?

Given that covid kills significantly more elderly people, would you write “Is Covid a Death Tax on Being Old”?

Given that one of the highest groups at risk of death is those with diabetes and other metabolic disorders, would you write “Is Covid a Death Tax on Being Diabetic”?


Ahhhh, but none of those options are a choice.

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Exactly, because as I wrote, partisan hacks going to partisan hack. Always has to be about political parties. E = Democratic/Republican2

No. While yes, the ignorant and stupid are not doing their part and spreading it to each other, the stupid and ignorant are spreading it to other undeserving groups as the mask is more of a condom than a two way filter. It is to an extent, but more for protecting people from you.

That’s the problem with the willfully ignorant: they take others down with them. Drunk Drivers, Terrorists, Trump*is, et al.

America needs to split itself up and wall off the slave states.

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The US’s claim to power relies on being able to have 2 natural defence barriers in addition to unfettered access to two oceans. Breaking up the US gives China the advantage.

The US must remain united.

Those are cases, not deaths.

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Yes, yes, yes, and yes.
And “Yes” to the original question.

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Duh. More cases = more deaths.


The Dakotas have ugly cases per million trends, but they’re nowhere close to having the most deaths. 2 of the 3 states with most deaths are the liberal strongholds of California and New York.

Yes and China eats the most noodles of any country in the world.

Your point being ?

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Not necessarily. Utah has high cases but fewest deaths. Younger and fewer smokers.



It’s an IQ test.

Case closed.


Nah it’s just another data point.

To the credit of US voters, they’ve decided that this is not the kind of “governance” they want.



Donald Trump, Jr. is an idiot. On that, people of all stripes can probably agree.

But you do realize that by one WHO estimate, upwards of 10% of the world’s population has probably already had the virus? That’s over 780 million people.

The virus doesn’t give a shit about your race, religion, sex, age, political party or favorite food. As long as you have ACE2 receptors, it’s interested in you.

Obviously, there are some common sense things people can do to try to avoid becoming infected. But even then, there are no guarantees. Someone close to my family caught the virus and was sick for a couple weeks. She kept working because she was an essential worker. Her employer mandated mask and glove wearing, hand washing, and temperature checks. Everyone was instructed not to come to work if they felt ill, and made aware that they would receive sick pay under these circumstances.

She followed the rules as best as anyone could and all it took was one person who came to work knowing they were not feeling well to cause an outbreak.


IQ Test
(Instructions: answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You have 30 minutes to complete the test.)

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